One year progress!

One year progress!
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Stats: 26F, 5’5”, SW: 150ish lbs, CW: 135 lbs

some charts

I started this journey end of April 2019 and had a GW of 135 by my wedding day on October 27, 2019. I squeaked in at 135 two days before my wedding and it was the first time in probably eight years that I was under 140 lbs.

Between the honeymoon and then the holidays I gained about 5 lbs and made a goal to just maintain 138-140 lbs through the holidays. Come January I kicked it up a notch and got back down to 135 lbs. I’ve been maintaining this weight (+- 2 lbs) since the beginning of March through IF and OMAD mostly. I don’t count calories anymore and upped my exercise. I was SO scared to stop counting calories and had days where I would instinctively open my app to record it.

I never thought I would see < 140 lbs on the scale again. It’s still kind of a shock to me even though it was a slow loss and I’ve been this weight for 6+ months. Clothes are looser and I went down a pant size.

This was just something I wanted to share and I feel proud that as “someone who loves food” I can strike a balance and maintain my health and happiness

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