Progress update. 125 pounds down! : loseit

Progress update. 125 pounds down! : loseit
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My starting weight was 450 pounds. I went to the hospital over a kidney stone and had to be weighed on a special scale. I generally hated myself, was lethargic all the time, and had zero self esteem.

Seeing that number on the scale when I had told the nurse i was 400 was embarrassing and shocking. It was a wake up call.

Now, two years later, I’ve reached this point. It was slow at first because the only thing I changed was my eating habits. I started counting calories.

About 5 months ago I got excited about my progress, 75 pounds down, and kicked it into high gear. Got a gym membership. Started doing cardio every couple of days.

Covid happened. So I found a fun healthy hobby, which for me is longboarding.

I haven’t counted calories in over a year. I know how much is enough anymore. And If i do eat too much i certainly don’t beat myself up over it.

At 325 I feel better than I have in years and years. I forgot what having energy was like.

Keep it up everybody!! Just keep it up.

Adding progress pics

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