Quench Summer Thirst with Iced Tea Recipes | Fresh Iced Tea Recipes

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The road to well-being may be steeped in tea. Science continues to reveal just how potent this ancient beverage is. Green tea, for example, is loaded with catechins and phenols, which have been found to protect the heart and brain and extend life, not to mention help protect against cancer (a nice little “side effect” of this heart-healthy drink). Oh—and green tea also helps you lose weight! Similar healthy compounds and benefits have been identified in other types of tea, including black and white teas.

The following recipes let you savor the joys of summer and give your health a boost at the same time.

Iced Green Tea Limeade

Iced Green Tea Limeade 

Click here for Iced Green Tea Limeade recipe.

Matcha Tea Tip

You can do a really terrific and unusual variation on this iced green tea beverage by substituting a legendary tea powder known as matcha for the four lemon green tea bags. Matcha is a very specific type of premium green tea grown only in Japan. It has a unique rich taste—full-bodied, astringent, with a lingering sweetness. But it’s also known for its numerous health benefits—rich in nutrients, antioxidants, blood-purifying chlorophyll, and, of course, the wonderful, calming amino acid, L-theanine. 

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