RunUltra Articles – 7 articles on dating, injuries, panicking, anxiety, body composition and slimming down your training


7 articles on dating, injuries, panicking, anxiety, body composition and slimming down your training

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Last updated: 24-Aug-18

By Elsa Trujillo

Yay! It’s spring (or autumn) for some of us and more hours of daylight probably mean more hours of training. In case you have some extra time left over for reading, this is what we’ve selected for you this week. We have a great video on an iconic race on a volcanic island and a fun piece on what ultra runners need to do to date people who don’t.

There’s a piece on tackling injuries and two personal accounts about how important mood is to ultra running performance. Finally, we have selected two practical pieces; one to explain what body fat is (and how to calculate it) and another, by coach Andy Mouncey, to help you improve your training schedule (and your performance). Read on.

Transgrancanaria 2018

Transgrancanaria is one of the two iconic ultra running events that take place in the Canary Islands (Spain) every year. Their festival of running comprises six different distances including one invitational 360º tour of the island of Gran Canaria. Watch the video of this year’s edition:

Dating outside the species

Stephanie Case shares her tips for single ultra runners to find love outside the trail running circuits. Read her five steps in this fun article.

What to do when you’re injured

Possibly the bane of every ultra runner’s existence, injuries are not just about getting better but also about managing that unexpected free time when you have to lay off the trails for a while. Read this article to find out what you can do once you’ve been diagnosed and whilst you convalesce.

The importance of mood

Losing your flashlight during a night race can happen. Read this account about how a brief panic in the dark can affect your psychological mood and how the only way forward is to persist and not succumb to your fears.

Here’s another piece on the importance of your mood and anxiety when training for a race. This article deals with external anxiety not directly related to training or the race itself.

Body composition

This article explains what body composition is, the different types of body measurements and how to calculate your own. Read it here.

Lean in fifteen

Our favourite RunUltra coach, Andy Mouncey, has put together some great ideas to trim the fat from your training. Read his article to find out how the traffic-light system can help you highlight (and eliminate) superfluous training.


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