RunUltra Articles – 7 articles on female winners, mindfulness, running slow, anxiety, heat and DNFs

7 articles on female winners, mindfulness, running slow, anxiety, heat and DNFs



Last updated: 26-Oct-18

By Elsa Trujillo

Although heat is still a theme, it’s getting hotter in the northern hemisphere as we speak, this week our curated sample of great ultra running articles from the web includes a great video of trail running in Norway, a much discussed debate on which physiology is best suited for winning ultras (men or women, what do you think?), and a piece on the importance of slow running to improve your performance.

We also tackle training boredom and race anxiety, and, of course, heat acclimation. Finally, our favourite RunUltra article is by coach Andy Mouncey discussing how insufficient food and hydration can force you to DNF. Enjoy.

Running Dream Trip

Salomon’s Running Dream Trip competition selected Katie Adams to run in Norway with ultra running champion Emelie Forsberg. Watch this beautiful short film full of fjords, sailing, mountains and plenty of running.

Women in running

The subject has been discussed many times before. It’s not new but it’s still happening. What do you think? Women winning ultras: an overall trend or not? Read the article.

Running bored? Don’t be

If you’re bored and finding endless excuses not to train or run at all, you might be in need of some mindfulness. Read this article to find out 3 ways to improve your running.

Slowly does it

David Roche discusses the importance of starting slow on your next run. Read the article here.

Race anxiety

Mindfulness meditation can also help to battle those pre-race jitters. Read Amy Clark’s article here.

Running in the heat

Like most other things, learning to run in the heat is something you can train for. Read this article to find out what thermoregulation is and how you can achieve it.

Energy depletion

All runners know they can DNF for many reasons. In this article, our favourite RunUltra coach Andy Mouncey, explores if energy depletion is one of them.


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