RunUltra Articles – 7 articles on myths, office training, competing spirits, logistics and stress fractures

7 articles on myths, office training, competing spirits, logistics and stress fractures
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Last updated: 14-Nov-18

By Elsa Trujillo

In truth, we actually have 6 articles and 1 video. Our inspiration video for this week is meant to get you out there on these chilly November days when your inner voice is probably begging you to stay indoors.

Our articles include running myths, suggestions to improve your fitness whilst at work, a reflection on the growth of competitive events and what lies behind the organising of any ultra running event. Finally, we have a short piece on mindful breathing to improve your performance and our very own RunUltra article by Karina Teahan on stress fractures, in case you missed it.

Just run

Nothing more needs to be said. Just do it.


Running Competitor writer Christine Yu looks at the top 10 myths associated with running. Read the article here and find out what they are.

Can’t fit a quick run during your lunch break?

Disappointed your short lunch break is not enough for a quick run round the block? Here are 8 suggestions to indirectly keep up your training.

Competition crazy?

It’s not just ultra running events that are growing exponentially (as our calendar can attest) but other crazy competitive events. Read The Guardian article here.

Mindful breathing

Practice mindful breathing to avoid being out of breath on your first runs. It’s all about taking long breaths and consuming oxygen more efficiently. Read the article here.

Racing logistics

Spare a thought for race organisers, they have a lot to organise, control and put in place for your greatest running experience. This article is no longer available.

Stress fractures

Do you have a stress fracture? Do you even know what it is? Read Karina Teahan’s two-part article on what Bone Stress Injuries are and a great plan on how to treat them.

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