RunUltra Articles – 7 articles on running lies, gadgets, bags-to-go, discipline, atherosclerosis and prehistory

7 articles on running lies, gadgets, bags-to-go, discipline, atherosclerosis and prehistory



Last updated: 19-Jul-18

By Elsa Trujillo

Sometimes it’s hard to train. Discipline, purpose, (lies) and dreams are all you need to get you out there: Alice Morrison, Andy Jones-Wilkins and Nathan Dewall share their methods. This week we also bring you articles on (un)necessary gadgets, a check list for your running bag, some medical research results and the pros and cons of adopting a “prehistoric” diet. Read on.

Runner, runner, pants on fire

Getting out on the trails for a run is sometimes hard. Each runner has their own method. Who knew that lying to oneself could be the best solution? Alice Morrison comes clean.

Discipline, purpose and dreams

What are the keys to a successful ultra running career? US ultra runner Andy Jones-Wilkins depends on discipline, purpose and a bag of dreams. Read his piece here.

US ultra runner, psychologist and MDS veteran Nathan Dewall’s formal education and professional experience gave him all the know-how for discipline and self-motivation. Read this article to see how he applied it to weight loss.

Inspector Gadget? Think again

Are you crazy about gadgets, metrics and charts? Not all runners are satisfied with their gizmos and some are suing manufacturers for poor results. Read the article.

Running bag-to-go

Do you have a running bag-to-go at the office or at someone else’s place for convenience? Read this article to ensure you have all that you need.

Healthy hearts

Atherosclerosis is a form of vascular disease that thickens artery walls. According to a recent study, endurance runners are not a risk group. Read the article here.

Run like you’re being chased by a heard of mammoths?

US ultra runner Dean Karnazes and many others are Paleo runners. What does this nutritional choice entail? RunUltra nutritionist Diana Green puts together the pros and cons of this “ancient” diet.


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