RunUltra Articles – 7 articles on the ultra craze, DNFs, glycogen depletion, injury prevention and strength and conditio

7 articles on the ultra craze, DNFs, glycogen depletion, injury prevention and strength and conditioning
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Last updated: 24-Aug-18

By Elsa Trujillo

From May to September, the ultra running calendar is chock-a-block with local and international races big and small. It’s a big season for training, competing, finishing and winning.

Our selection of articles this week focuses on training-related articles that cover research, injury-prevention, mind-set and nutrition. There’s also a piece on the unbelievable rise in the popularity of ultra running and our RunUltra piece on strength and conditioning. Enjoy.

Rise of the ultra marathon

If you’re an ultra marathon runner you know this: you are spoilt for choice. Great ultras are popping up like mushrooms in all corners of the globe and in all forms and sizes. Here’s The Guardian’s take on the latest running phenomenon.

Do men DNF more than women?

Some figures seem to suggest this. Do cold, wet and windy conditions favour women runners? Watch Ross Tucker in this video mulling about thermoregulation and shivering when running in bad weather.

Glycogen-depleted runs

Are you fat adapted? If you are, you’re probably on a low carb high fat diet. In this article, Pam Smith explores another option: glycogen-depleted runs to improve performance. 

Injury prevention

In this article, Jason Fitzgerald collects advice from top runners on how to avoid injury and ignore bad online advice.

Bryon Powell comprehensively explores the definition of injury and the best road to recovery. Read it here.

Find the mental flow

Read these recommendations to find your mental flow when running and achieve your best performance. Train your brain to enter the flow.

Strength and conditioning

The foundation of every sport, strength and conditioning is often overlooked. In this article, RunUltra’s own James Eacott explains why you should do it and selects a series of exercises that will work for your ultra running training.

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