RunUltra Articles – 7 articles on trail running, heroes, recipes, motivation and winning formulas

7 articles on trail running, heroes, recipes, motivation and winning formulas
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Last updated: 19-Jul-18

By Elsa Trujillo

This week we bring you a great selection of videos and articles, tips and stories to read and to watch. Some new videos from Salomon on trail running, Dell Miller’s running story, recipes for cold weather running, tips for improving your overall fitness, motivation slumps, fighting lack of motivation and our very own RunUltra article on finding an ultra winning formula.

Salomon Webisodes

Salomon has launched a new series of videos aimed at beginner trail runners. The first webisode defines the sport and the second one offers advice on what to wear on the trails. Spread the word and follow the series!

A true runner

A Runner’s Evolution, a powerful and moving story about Dell Miller, a runner who had to sacrifice both his legs to keep running.

Winter recipes

Three sensible tips and two hearty recipes to combine food and running on these chilly February days. Read the article.

Improving your fitness

This article expands on nine different ways you can improve your fitness throughout the year, including cross training, hills, upping your routines, weightlifting and massages. Read the article.

Two articles on lack of motivation

In this first article, runner Pam Smith shares her 11 recommendations to avoid periods where lack of motivation to hit the trails can affect your running prospects and your overall fitness. Read her recommendations.

In this second article, Allison Pattillo dicusses the different types of motivation and shares her eight tips to maintain running and training motivation throughout the year. Read them here.

A winning formula

Coach Andy Mouncey discusses whether it is possible or not to find a winning formula for ultra running and talks to three ultra runners to discover what their physical and mental preparations are for each race challenge. Read it here.

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