RunUltra Articles – 7 videos and articles on dragons, running in the cold, running benefits and connecting with nature

7 videos and articles on dragons, running in the cold, running benefits and connecting with nature



Last updated: 19-Oct-18

By Elsa Trujillo

We’re back after the holiday break with our first selection of great article reading and video watching for the year. We have two videos, one about the epic Dragon’s Back race in Wales (UK) and a more spiritual one about runners connecting with ancestral lands in North America.

We’ve also found some great tips for you for running in cold (or freezing) weather, some answers to FAQ about running and an incredible 35-long list of running benefits. We top it off with a personal piece by Dane Rauschenberg about running under different weather conditions and RunUltra’s very own James Eacott has put together 5 great breakfast alternatives to ensure you get all the energy you need before running. Enjoy.

A dragon of a race

It’s 315km long and brutal. The Dragon’s Back will be back in 2019 but in the meantime you can buy or rent the 2017 short film about the ultra race “Conquering the dragon”. Watch the film’s trailer here.

Running in the cold

David Roche has five great tips for venturing out in the freezing weather for a run. Read them here.

35 benefits of running

Yes, 35, you read right. Read Jackie Anderson’s comprehensive article on why you should be running if you’re not, and why you should keep doing it if you already are. Read the benefits here.

Some running questions answered

Read this article to find scientific answers to some of the most common questions posed about running.

Weather outlook

Check out this piece by Dane Rauschenberg about how different weather patterns can affect your performance on race day.

Connecting with nature

Aire Libre is a Mexican creative project that aims to connect “people with indigenous populations and their land through running”. Watch their first video.

Breakfast plans

James Eacott has five great suggestions to prepare delicious breakfasts in little to no time before you hit the running trails. Read them here.


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