RunUltra Articles – 7 videos and articles on trail running, perseverance, motivation, heartbreak and vegan food

7 videos and articles on trail running, perseverance, motivation, heartbreak and vegan food



Last updated: 14-Mar-19

By Elsa Trujillo

We know you enjoy our selection of articles and watch our videos, so this week we’ve made a combo of things to read and watch. We have videos on the new Transgrancanaria distance, an inspiring Western States tale and a glimpse of some amazing running trails in Oregon’s Pacific Crest trails. We bring you articles on motivation or lack of it, heart break, mothers who run and a great RunUltra piece on vegan nutrition for runners.

An inspiring tale of perseverance

In 2006 Brian Morrison was disqualified from winning the Western States Endurance 100 because he received assistance in the last few metres of the race. He has returned many times to this race without success. In 2016 his latest attempt was filmed by the Ginger Runner. Find out if he made it and watch the film:



Transgrancanaria 360

In February 2016, the Transgrancanaria organisers introduced a new distance and challenge, a self-sufficient and self-navigated unmarked 265km tour of the island of Gran Canaria in Spain. Catch a glimpse of what it was like here:


Those lucky few who’ve never experienced lack of motivation to run can skip this article. For everybody else, here’s Pam Smith’s honest account of her own struggles and tips to overcome a long stretch of not having the mental energy to run. Read it here.

Broken hearts

Who knew? Runners can fix their broken hearts by taking to the trails. Read all about it here.

Running mums

This group of US running mothers set up an inspiring community called Another Mother Runner focused on the difficulty of balancing work, family and running. Read the article.

Vegan running fuel

Our very own nutritionist Diana Green has written this great piece on vegan nutrition for runners including some great suggestions and recipes. Read it here.


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