Skinnyfat to fit progress [M/5’11/164lb] : loseit

Skinnyfat to fit progress [M/5’11/164lb] : loseit


So for three years, I have been extremely self-conscious about my body. I always fell into the skinnyfat look, where my body was slim, narrow and frail but my gut was largely protruding with fat. This was the case for the past two years even when I was religiously working out, constantly following a PPL split. I saw some strength gains, but that was about it.

It took a long while for me to finally gain enough traction to begin seeing results, and that came in the form of me cleaning up my nutrition habits. The reason I wanted to post my progress here is because this subreddit has been VERY inspiring and also VERY informative for my transformation, and I am finally proud of who I see in the mirror. And at the same time, I hope to be that kind of inspiration for others who may be in the same category as me. Being skinnyfat is a tricky situation and one that can be difficult to overcome, but I hope this shows that it is entirely possible! It just takes patience.

The weight difference in these pictures is like 20lbs. I was 185 on the left (pic taken around November, six months ago) and currently am bouncing on 164-162 (the right). The picture on the left is how I’ve looked for a lot of years. Almost my entire life, as I remember it.

I know I still have a long way to go in building muscle and losing the little bit of fat around my hips, but I do believe this is a large enough transformation for me to look back at and say “damn… I did that.”


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