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Smoothie Ingredients

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If your resolution is to lose weight, here’s a simple way to kick-start weight loss and keep it going all year long. Simply whip up a nutrient-dense weight-loss smoothie each day. This little habit is easy enough to maintain throughout the year. By adding proven fat-reducing nutrients (found in abundance in smoothies) to your routine, you’ll infuse your body with compounds that improve metabolism, reduce water weight, and increase fat release. Is there a more delicious and satisfying way to support weight loss? I haven’t found one.

Beyond weight loss, smoothies also provide a little pick-me-up during the day. And by adding extra protein to any recipe, you can enjoy these creamy concoctions in place of a meal. Smoothies are especially effective in the morning, providing a blast of nutrients to help start the day off right. Eating breakfast also helps you to maintain the weight you’ve lost. Studies have found that those who miss their morning meal are four times more likely to be obese.

Smoothie Recipes

Secret “Skinny” Ingredients

Popular smoothie ingredients that contain weight-loss-supportive nutrients, include:


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