So glad I went on a diet break. (small update) : loseit

So glad I went on a diet break. (small update) : loseit


Days ago I asked the lovely people of this subreddit what to do. And here is a small update


I’ve been on ~1200 kcal since December and lost 38 lbs (I’m still in the obese category though)

Unfortunately in the last 2 weeks of March my weight stagnated and I suddenly started to feel very weak and tired. I couldn’t keep up with my daily life and barely found strength to adhere to my workout routine.

As much as I hated the idea of diet breaking (I thought it was a sign that I was giving up and would regain all the weight back instantly), I decided to do it still because I just couldn’t go on in this condition. Physically and mentally.

So my plan was to go from 1200 to 1900 kcal, then after a week I’d go to 1500 to 1600 (as per Reddit recommendations) and continue at that calorie range.

I was a bit scared though as some redditors voiced concerns that upping my calories so quickly would make me gain weight immediately and that I should do a “reverse diet” instead.

Another concern I had was that a diet break would slow down my weight loss and seeing as I still have 60+ lbs to lose I didn’t want to slow it down even further. So yeah lots of guilt + fears piled up over this potential diet break.

Luckily it all turned out well (so far). Here is a graph of my weight over the last month:

I’ve switched to 1900 five days ago and lost two pounds (probably water weight) But most importantly I feel sooo much better now: refreshed and energized. Thanks to it I can lower my calories again next week and hopefully will be able to stay in a weightloss phase for the next few months.

Thank you guys for all your advice + help last week. 🙂


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