So happy we decided to lose it together! : loseit

So happy we decided to lose it together! : loseit
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One year of progress…

These two photos were taken almost exactly one year apart. The first photo, along with a bit of a health scare that happened the week following it being taken, was the wake-up call that made us decide to take our health more seriously and lose the excess weight!

We swear by CICO, Intermittent Fasting, and cutting out almost all liquid calories!

My stats: 156.2cm / 5’1” SW: 90.3kg (199lbs) CW: 55kg (121lbs) Total Lost: 35.3kg (77.8lbs) BMI 37 -> 22.5

I eat 1200 calories on sedentary days and 1500 on days that I exercise for an hour or more! Sometimes on maintenance days I’ll eat up to 1700. I do intermittent fasting, usually 16:8 but I occasionally fast for longer or do OMAD!

For exercise I make sure to reach 10k steps every day, and I tend to do an hour or so of bodyweight exercise at home every day. I alternate between Ring Fit Adventure and the monthly Blogilaties calendar! I also attend dance and yoga lessons when we’re not on lockdown.

His stats: 175cm / 5’9” SW: 128kg (282lbs) CW: 78.8 kg (173.7lbs) Total Lost: 49.2kg (108.4lbs) BMI 41.8 -> 25.7

He eats from 1200~1900 calories every day, almost exclusively OMAD. He doesn’t do any exercise aside from going on walks with me! (He’s so lucky!)

Together we’ve lost 84.5kg/186.2lbs, more than my husband weighs now! I can’t believe how far we’ve come!

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