So, I’ve lost a whole coyote. What item/animal from the list have you lost? What are you aiming to lose? : loseit

So, I've lost a whole coyote. What item/animal from the list have you lost? What are you aiming to lose? : loseit
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EDIT: I am a doofus. The animal weights on the website I listed are on the website in kilograms, which I wrote as lbs. Oops! Thank you to those who have pointed it out! I’ve now removed the ones I know for sure I got wrong, let me know if I missed any. The animal weight list is still linked below in kgs for anyone who wants to take a look. I’ve kept the ones I could find listed in lbs though.

Sometimes it’s hard to visualise or put into context how much weight you’ve lost. So, here’s a list! See what you’ve lost! 🙂 Feel free to pick and choose depending on how you like the maths. For example, instead of a coyote I could say I’ve lost a chihuahua, an ostrich egg, a pineapple and an average human brain. Long-term I’d like to lose a Chris Hemsworth (sigh), but for now I measure my loss in smaller bites.

1lb – a guinea pig

2lb – a pineapple

3lb – average human brain

4lb – an ostrich egg

5lbs – a chihuahua

6lbs – a human’s skin

7lbs – average newborn baby (technically 7.5lbs)

8lbs – a human head

10lbs – Average 3 month old baby. or a maltese dog, or a medium sized bowling ball, or 1.25 gallons of milk

11lbs – an average house cat

12lbs – a bald eagle

13lbs – 197 roses

14lbs – 2032 tea bags

17lbs – a 96 liter Mojito, or 13 pairs of court shoes, or 5 Darth Vader masks

18lbs – a sperm whale’s brain

20lbs- an average car tyre

21lbs – 48 vinyl records of Thriller

25lbs – an average 2 year old child (human)

30lbs – the amount of cheese an average American eats in a year

32lbs – 290 darts

33lbs – a cinder block

36lbs – a mid-sized microwave

37lbs – a baby polar bear at the gravity of the moon

40lbs – an average human leg

43lbs – 390 darts

44lbs – an elephant’s heart

48lbs – 1088 sushis, or 38 basketballs

51lbs – a 2550 hour long cinema reel

52lbs – 42 basketballs

59lbs – 134 vinyl records of thriller

60lbs – an elephant’s penis

61lbs – 354672 excited bees

65lbs – 20 Darth Vader masks

70lbs – an Irish Setter

77lbs – a gold brick

90lbs – a newborn calf

100lbs – a two-month-old horse

117lbs – an average 5’11” female fashion model

118lbs – the entire Encyclopedia Brittanica

130lbs – a newborn baby giraffe

220lbs – Chris Hemsworth as fit Thor

400lbs – a blue whale’s heart. (Just put it here because I found it interesting!)

I appreciate the list is not entirely comprehensive/inclusive, so here are some of the links to sites I used: Weight and Things! 🙂 Compares your weight to see what you weigh the same as. A list of mammals in weight order THIS IS IN KG! That’s why my list was so off!

Enjoy! 🙂

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