So proud, reached my first goal weight!! : loseit

So proud, reached my first goal weight!! : loseit
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F25 | 5’1″ | SW:210lbs | CW:175lbs | GW:150lbs

Today I finally hit my first goal weight of 175lbs! In September I was pushing 200lbs, so that means I am down a whole 25lbs in 5 months! As a bonus I can now fit into my dress that I bought that I’ve never been able to wear before because I couldn’t zip it up in the back. Next goal is 150lbs and I’m determined that I can actually get there this time. I’ve been having great success with CICO and not eating out like I used to. I am planning on starting a workout routine soon, so if anyone has any tips please share! This sub has been really inspiring, so thank you all 🙂

Progress Sept 2019 to Jan 2020 https://imgur.com/gallery/22H50Dw

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