Stephan Guyenet on Obesity and Hunger : loseit

Stephan Guyenet on Obesity and Hunger : loseit


A doctor and a scientist interview a scientist who is an expert on the brain and obesity

Its nice to hear some actual science for a change since so much of what we read about weight loss is very thinly supported by actual evidence. To summarize what he says it appears the brain has a “one way” signalling system which triggers when you lose weight from a set point. From an evolutionary perspective this makes a lot of sense because starving means you die but being overweight only hurts you in the long term so its not an problem with respect to reproduction.

I suspect I blundered in to his observation that, for the most part, changing your diet seems to allow you to move your set point. I have shifted from lots of treats to mostly fruits and veggies which lowered calories in but hasn’t really impacted my hunger. Besides, eating a bunch of fruits doesn’t give you as many calories as ice cream or chocolate.


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