Struggling with a running injury? Let us help with an online consultation

Struggling with a running injury? Let us help with an online consultation


I remember doing my first online consultation a few years ago and wondering, will this help? Can we do what we need to without being physically with a patient? I was pleased to find the answer to both questions is a definite YES!

When working with athletes the key information is often what they tell us rather than the tests we do. We can determine training habits and optimise them to the right level. We can discuss recovery strategies and sleep. A runner can describe their symptoms in detail and we can explore pain and its behaviour to form a working diagnosis. As systems have evolved there are tests we can send in advance for a patient to do, or guide them through them within the session.

Sample exercise that we can share including videos via

We can create and share exercise programmes and even monitor symptoms during these exercises with new software.

Exercise data from

In short, an online consultation can be a great way to get expert help and form a plan to get you back to the sport you love.

If you’re struggling with injury at the moment don’t grin and bear it! Book and an online appointment by emailing [email protected] or calling 01273 667826.

If you’re itching to be active and or want to start rehab but you’re not sure what to do get in touch. We provide 1 to 1 rehab sessions online as well group work like Pilates. Why not give fit, healthy and strong from the comfort of your home?

Below: 2 clients join in Georgie’s Pilates class from home!..



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