[SV] and Milestone – down 13kg in the last 4months, first time since 18 years that I’m under 80kg again. : loseit

[SV] and Milestone - down 13kg in the last 4months, first time since 18 years that I'm under 80kg again. : loseit
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So this is my 4th day weighing in under 80kg in a row and enough for me to share this milestone with you here.

The Basics
Male 42, 170cm
Basically I put on my kilos when I stopped doing sports after starting work after university. I was in pretty good shape at this point, having played American Football and competing in the nationals Cheerleading competition with my team. All that stopped once we moved for my job and got our first baby in 2006.
Together with that came co-pregnancy with the second child and I ate a ton more as did my wife with the difference that I did not simply drop my pounds again once the baby was out. I hit around 83kg in 2008 and basically hovered around that since then. My highest was 97.5kg two years ago and I promised myself never to go over 100kg at this point.

The Journey that did nothing
I tried to lose weight again since around 2009. But whatever I did was not succesful.

  • C25K in 2009 started fine, but as I got around the 3km mark I developed periostitis that I couldn’t get rid of, regardless of how slow I tried to get on with it. So no running. I tried to pick up football and cheerleading again, but with the kids and the job there was no realistic way to fit that into my life.

  • I went through deep depression from 2010-2012 as my father died and my job was miserable at this point, and generally everything turned out different to how it was supposed to be. I went up in weight to around 90 at this point. Suicidal thoughts were on the menu and after I crashed my car into a tree, I decided to seek help. I went into therapy for my depression and started moderate training as part of that. Both helped in its own way.

  • 2012 I joined the gym again and focused on heavy lifts. I progressed from 3×8 80kg squats to 3×8 140kg over the next 2 years, and got overall a lot stronger. I tried IF at this time as well and my lowest weight at this point was 86kg. Despite my strength I remained fat and the muscles were nowhere to be seen. I stopped working out.

  • 2014 I finally switched jobs. Lots of sweets and near daily schnitzel propelled me soon to 90+ kg. One collegue there recently lost 35kgs and went from 105kg to 70kg in about a year. I asked him what he did and he told me he just decided it was too much and ate less. Oof.

  • 2015 I rejoined the gym with another collegue and joined after work gymnastics with a personal trainer, as we decided that we wanted to take part in a tough mudder run. Again my periostitis showed up and on top of that I developed an intervertebral disc bulge. No running and no lifting for a while. More sweets to cope with increased stress at the job though.

  • January of 2017 I was let go and went back into depression. In April I got diagnosed with ADD, which explained a lot about my irrational behaviour, my impulse food cravings and trouble at work. At this time I had hit 97,5kg and was on the way to 100kg. I got medicated 2 months later and went to therapy again. I picked up a new job at the end of 2017. Weight was then around 94kg.

  • Food at the new job was quite healthy, but no sports and all day sitting around still did nothing good to my weight. Job was okish and I switched departements internally to work on more innovative things. I bought a bike and started to ride the 32kms one way once a week with my colleague. He wanted to lose weight as well and I got down to 89kg. I also switched ADD Medication around this time that seemed to work better. At this point I started tracking my weight with libra, to have some kind of documentation.

  • In summer 2019 I broke my neck in a pool accident, but due to being incredible lucky I got away with no permanent harm, but had to stay at home and basically lay only around with a stiffneck for around 3 months. I basically only watched netflix and ate chips at that point and jumped back up to 95kg. When I went back to my job and discussed how I wanted to get back into it I was told that the job no longer existed and I either could leave or switch departments again. I chose the latter and depression hit once again – not surprising at this point. Suicidal thoughts were back on the menu in December 2019.

The breakthrough

  • I immediately searched help this time and got lucky to get an appointment on January 4th. I had weekly sessions from then on and think I’ve reached a breakthrough this time. I also got on medication for depression. Both the antidepressant and the ADD supress appetite. But as I took the ADD already for some years at this point I mainly attribute the change in the following months to a change in my mindset.

  • Medication for depression started mid January, my new Job started in February. I got a ton of support at work, as I went into the offensive and discussed my problems straight up with my managers. They provide guidance and structure were I need it and trust me in every other way, so I can work in my own odd ADD ways. Both the trust and the effects of the medication made me more productive and efficient than I’ve ever been to this point and they’ve been really surprised so far with my performance that exceeded their expectations by a mile. And so have I. I’m finally feeling like I’m getting into a position to reach my fully potential that until now only bareley got scratched.

  • I went from 93 to 90 at the start of February just by eating less. I remembered my ex-colleague and just decided to keep going.

  • From mid march on I’ve been working from home, due to lockdown and still keep up with eating less.

I made no real changes in what I ate, I just ate less of it.

  • No breakfeast – I’ve skipped this since I first tried out IF in 2012/13.

  • One meal a day and a salad or snack for the other. Did not matter if lunch or dinner was the normal one.

  • Still the casual sweets, like chocolate, cookies and chips. But really only 1-2 pieces. No more whole chocolates or bags of chips for me.

  • Awareness of what and how much I ate each day and for each meal.

  • Ocassional cheat days – not planned, basically when we visist my parents in law. They just cook so much and the beer is obligatory there.

  • Alcohol only about twice a months. (Has been this way forever anyway)


  • I weigh myself twice a day. Once before bed, and once after getting up and peeing in the morning. I record the morning weight religiously into libra, even if I gained weight.

  • I go out for a ride with my bike once or twice a week for 1-3h total.

That’s it basically.

80kg is my Milestone as the last time I had that was before I entered university 18 years ago.
This morning I sat at 79,9. 2 days ago at 79,5 but that also was the last cheat day, so I’m fine with that.

The next milestone is 77kg for my birthday next months (born in ’77).
After that I want to hit my goal weight of 70kg.

Libra currently says I will reach it around August, but I’m in no rush. If I get there by the end of the year that is a huge success in my book. I’ve come further than I thought I would be anyway so far, everything is a bonus at this point.

I took a picture at around 95kg in 2015 when I started going to the gym again. I might to a transformation post once I hit my GW.

Here is a pic of my libra progress instead.

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