Tech Goals for 2020 That Can Boost Your Income

Tech Goals for 2020 That Can Boost Your Income


A good goal for any fitness professional is to learn more about fitness technology, says Ted Vickey, PhD, founder and CEO of FitWell, a fitness technology management company based in San Diego. Becoming a power user and early adopter can differentiate you from competitors and enable you to provide added benefits to clients—or attract new ones. Some of Vickey’s top tips:

Advertise your tech expertise.

“If I’m a personal trainer, I am sending out a message to every member of the gym in January, saying, ‘Did you get a wearable for the holidays? Bring it in! I’ll set it up for you for free,’” says Vickey. You can use that meeting to learn about the person’s goals and offer a free training session, as well.

Ask about fit tech in new-client intakes.

After you know what clients are using, you can investigate the details and discuss how you can help them understand the data.

Become a distributor.

This is a great way to add another revenue stream, says Vickey. After deciding which fit-tech items you like (e.g., digital scale, smartwatch, heart rate monitor), contact the companies about becoming a distributor, then build new programming around those tools.

Learn more.

Check out Vickey’s new online courses designed to help fitness professionals learn how to use fitness technology tools and data.


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