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Since the vast majority of you all never get to hear me speak, I recorded one of my recent presentations so that we can spread the knowledge to more than the few hundred coaches who were there. I’m excited to share the lecture: The Fundamentals of Training. It’s an hour long lecture on the details behind running fast from 800 meters to the marathon. I cover:

  • Building a Base and making Connections
  • How Creativity works and what that means for training
  • How we Adapt
  • Understanding Density and Space in Training
  • How hard should we go?
  • The Set Point Theory of Adaptation
  • The 5 rules for Periodization
  • Workout progressions
  • Sample weeks from many of my professional runners

You don’t want to miss this, and it’s free, so why wouldn’t you! The videos are split into 3 parts: A Philosophy of Training, The Workout Details, and the Q and A session.

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