The Ultimate Immunity Biohack | Enhance Your Immune Function

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Ultimate Immunity Biohack

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In a very short time, the average person—and not just here in America—has learned a lot about self-protection to stay well. Social distancing, washing hands, and even self-isolation when we’re sick all play key roles in preventing the spread of novel diseases. And because you read this magazine, I’m guessing you’re pretty well-versed in the supplements and herbs that can bolster your immunity, such as vitamins C and D, zinc, and medicinal mushrooms.

But are you also optimizing your immunity with your food choices? If you carry extra pounds, are diabetic, or deal with cravings, energy swings, or insomnia—in spite of all that you do to stay healthy—you may need to address another issue that dramatically impacts immunity: leptin resistance.

Leptin is a hormone produced by fat cells. It’s also found in smaller amounts in the brain (hypothalamus, pituitary), stomach and intestines, skeletal muscle, breast tissue, cartilage and bone cells, placenta, and immune cells.

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