Theoretical vs. Actual Weight Loss : loseit

Theoretical vs. Actual Weight Loss : loseit
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Hello guys,

with February coming to an end, I wanted to share something that struck my eye.

So I’m a huge fan of data. Tracking steps, calories and exercise. Weighing myself every day and keeping an eye on the trend. But there’s something I noticed when I looked back on the calories I consumed every day in the last month. In this calender you can see the calories I’ve consumed and when I did some exercise (mainly playing soccer because boi, do I love playing soccer).

Every day gets a sticker: Green means less than 1500 calories consumed (= larger deficit) Blue means between 1501 and 1800 calories consumed (= smaller deficit to maintenance) Red means above 1800 calories (= above maintenance calories)

After doing some math for fun, and knowing my TDEE is about 1800 calories, I came up with the following numbers:

Theoretical weight change in February: +0,389 kg or +0,850 lbs

Actual weight change in February: -1,4 kg or -3 lbs

So what I’m trying to say with this post is: Do not be discouraged by a few days or a bad week of overeating. Keep trying because you haven’t undone the progress you’ve made. Keeping yourself accountable and trying to find a sustainable and healthy way of eating and creating a caloric deficit are the most important factors in weight loss. Just keep going. You’ll get there. And I will also continue on my journey. 🙂

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