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Interview with Tony Holler – Science of Running


In the endurance world, we’ve come to believe that there are certain intensities or paces that do more than others! If we run at these specific zones, we will improve, and if we run bit too fast or too slow, we are in a grey zone where workouts don’t help as much. VO2max, Lactate Threshold, Critical Velocity, and so forth. Run at these paces, not faster or slower, and you will run fast.

It’s all BS. There are no magical training paces. Yes, they do different things, but that doesn’t mean that they are better or worse.

In this episode of the On Coaching Podcast, we delve into the nuance of workout intensities.

Topics covered include:

  • Science vs. Nature
  • The physiology behind all of the different intensity zones
  • Clean Slate Phenomenon- Why any training (including dumb stuff!) works for a short time!
  • Misattribution of success- Why we are fooled by training intensities.
  • Seeing the big picture.
  • The recovery response to the activity is the source of the improvement!
  • What’s the best way to damage athletes? That’s what we are doing. Damage leads to an opportunity for improvement.
  • Utilizing a variety of ingredients, instead of relying on the magic ingredient.
  • Training = Fatigue Tolerance.
  • The 5 Types of Fatigue

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

The Unforgiving Minute by Ron Clarke

Clean Slate Phenomenon

Stephen Seiler

Stress + Rest = Growth from Peak Performance

High Performance West Scholar Program

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