To Be A Runner -Interview with Martin Dugard

To Be A Runner -Interview with Martin Dugard


In this podcast episode we speak with Martin Dugard author of the book To Be A Runner -How Racing Up Mountains, Running with the Bulls, or Just Taking On a 5-K Makes You a Better Person (and the World a Better Place).

Martin Dugard is the author of the memoir To Be A Runner, a series of essays which takes the reader around the world as he recounts his personal journey through the world of distance running.

He has written books on famous explorers like David Livingston, Christopher Columbus, and Captain James Cook, and his writing has appeared in Esquire, Outside, Sports Illustrated, and GQ.

He is also a NYT Best Selling author and co-author with Bill O’Riley of the Killing Series, which has sold over 15 million books.

He lives in Orange County, CA and coaches a local high school cross-country team.

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Trevor Spencer is the producer of the Marathon Training Academy Podcast. He loves to inspire people to take action in their fitness and life.


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