Top 3 Supplements for Men

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Top 3 Supplements for Men

Top 3 Supplements for Men

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However, she adds, “all men should consider supplements.” They can enhance heart health, support healthy muscle mass throughout life, prevent mental decline with age, and boost overall health and well-being. These are her top 3 recommendations for men:


It enhances muscle strength and function—important for staying active and well during a long life. Magnesium also helps maintain healthy blood pressure and good heart function, and to prevent headaches and irritable bowel syndrome. For anyone taking statins to lower cholesterol, it can help reduce side effects.

Take: 200–500 mg daily. You may need the higher amount if you take diuretics that deplete the mineral, or if you have high blood pressure, migraines, or digestive issues. Loose stools mean you’ve taken too much.

did you know … Freezing fish oil capsules slows down their digestion and prevents aftertaste, burps, or other unpleasant digestive reactions.

Vitamin D

Bone health is just as important for men as for women, and vitamin D is an essential component. This vitamin also enhances the immune system, the heart, and muscle strength, and it helps to protect against dementia and cancer.

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