Hi everyone, I’m not a social media person so I thought I’d share this here. On the left, I was at my heaviest. I wasn’t in a good head space and was extremely insecure and hated looking at myself in the mirror. Time and time again I attempted to lose weight but it was always for the wrong reasons I’ve come to figure out. I wanted to ‘be skinny’ and look good in a bikini. This time around, I wanted live a healthier lifestyle and be in a better head space (though still wanted to look killer in a bikini lol). In October, I took the plunge and signed up for the BBG program. Of course, like every person on here, I wanted to stop and there were days that I just wanted to sit on my butt, but I forced myself to do it. I’ve dropped pounds, yes, but that was never the focus. I also never cut foods or counted calories as I would have definitely quit on myself if I tried to drop everything in one go (I just learned to choose healthier options when I can). In short, I was the number one person to make up excuses and say “oh I’ll start next week.” Take it from me, start today and do it for the RIGHT reasons! Transformation

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