United Way Marathon Co. participates in “Denim Day”


WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW)– United Way of Marathon County took part in “Denim Day” On Wednesday, partnering with the Women’s Community for the event.

But the event isn’t just about the privilege of wearing jeans to your work place.

Organizers say the message goes beyond that.

They say that the motivation behind the event is to support victims of sexual violence, who are often times made to feel that their clothing had an impact on their assault.

“There was a case in Italy a number of years ago where a judge overturned a sexual assault ruling where he says the jeans were too tight,” said Tara Glodowski Director of Community Impact United Way.

“(He said) the woman would have had to consent to get them off which is not true because regardless of what a girl is wearing, when they don’t consent they don’t consent,” Glodowski continued.

Glodowski and the other organizers of the event, are hoping that by bringing light to those and other similar issues, they can break that stigma.


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