What are your weight loss milestone rewards? : loseit

What are your weight loss milestone rewards? : loseit
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Yes yes having a healthy body and lowering your risk of chronic illnesses and being able to have more energy and feel more confident is great. Kudos to you if you are pursuing weight loss solely for those lovely noble reasons alone. You rock! But it helps to have a carrot on a stick!😂 For me personally, what I have planned is…

135lbs – 2 sheet masks from the drugstore (2 masks because I’m 2 lbs away ;-D )

130lbs – A new perfume!! I’ve run out of all my perfumes during quarantine. I’m really excited about this one, I’ve been doing research on r/fragrance and r/AskWomen. Suggestions are welcome 🙂

125lbs – A cute loungewear/pajama set. I’m one of those girls that slaps on an XL Men’s flannel pajama pants a la Goodwill and one of my older brother’s t-shirts and calls it a night. I fantasize about getting ready for the evening in some cute fluffy getup and doing my skincare routine and going to bed in soft clean sheets in a tidied bedroom. Ugh. Someday.

120lbs – THE ULTIMATE REWARD!!! WOOHOO! Cue the confetti! When I hit my goal weight, I am going to buy a cotton yellow sundress. I cannot wait for the day I can strut out in this and this gorgeous dress with a denim jacket, sandals, and faux leather messenger bag purse off to the farmer’s market to go buy some sunflowers n fresh produce. This is what keeps me going. That lovely, bright, beautiful sundress. Someday, my friends, someday. ☺️💕

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