What falling off the wagon looks like. : loseit

What falling off the wagon looks like. : loseit
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I lost 200 lbs. Everything was on track to be the best ever, then it seemed piece by piece, everything fell apart at the last second. I gave up. I gained 15 pounds and suffered some health consequences of binging for a month after 2 years of being on point.

Now I’m back at it, I still have another 60 pounds, plus that 15 I gained, so 75 to go, but I’m reminding myself that I’ve come a long way, and life circumstances, bad luck, and even a global f#&n% pan-damnit can’t stop what I’ve started. Now, maybe moreso than ever we all suffer alone, but are brought together through our shared experiences. This is true of currentbevents just like issues with weight and wellness.

To quote the late great Micheal Larson, ” Everybody’s lonely so at least I know I’m not alone”.

Don’t beat yourself up over the small or large setbacks, just hop back on that hoarse and ride off into the sunset you beautiful people of all shapes, sizes, and dietary preferences.


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