What I Love This Week

What I Love This Week
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(James last year on Memorial Day Weekend)

My nesting impulses are starting to kick in full force as I approach my 23rd week of pregnancy. I spent most of the week sorting through all of James’ old clothes and toys and organizing them for our new baby. I also made piles and piles of donations, trash, and recycling. It felt amazing to organize all the STUFF that was all over our house that is never used. With all this extra time at home, it’s a good opportunity to do some spring cleaning if you enjoy that kind of thing 🙂

I was looking for another feel-good comedy to watch after enjoying Bob’s Burgers so much and Daniel convinced me to give Parks and Recreation another shot. I have tried to watch the first season several times over the years and just couldn’t get into it. But this time I skipped ahead to season 2 (which seems to be widely considered the point when the show hits its stride) and I’m hooked!

An eighth grade student gives her perspective on distance learning and offers up some benefits we may not have realized.

An enterprising pizzeria owner was able to exploit a pricing error on DoorDash for his own benefit. A story that highlights some of the silliness of big-time venture capital-backed companies.

If you find yourself looking for a new professional direction, you might find this article about the rules for identifying your life’s work helpful.

The great Jerry Stiller died this week. Ben Stiller did an interview about his dad with the New Yorker.

I hope everyone is staying safe and sane. Let me know what you loved this week!

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