What I Love This Week

What I Love This Week
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Summer has officially arrived in Massachusetts and I have officially given up trying to wear cute maternity outfits. Between the sweating and the peeing when I cough, sneeze, laugh, or breathe a little too hard, it just isn’t worth it. Lately I’ve been wearing Daniel’s old t-shirts and shorts and oh my god, the comfort! I love it.

One thing this pandemic has taught us is not to take our health for granted. GQ did an article about how you can strengthen your immune system through diet.

A lot of us have been getting creative in the kitchen lately. For you adventurous bakers, here is a guide to using alternative flours.

The break from shopping being an everyday part of life has made a lot of people question if they need to be accumulating so much stuff in the first place.

The wonderful Brene Brown has had a huge increase in popularity in recent months.

Remember when I told you about my horror movie obsession. Well, somehow I had never seen Alien (or maybe I did?, but it’s been a long long time). So Daniel and I watched it this week (it’s available on HBO). It’s such a great movie that holds up really well. It looks terrific and has so many great scary scenes. We are planning on watching Aliens this weekend.

Stay safe everyone!

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