What I Love This Week


(James after the traumatizing at-home haircut)

The big story of this week for us was Daniel giving James a haircut. After watching a few youtube tutorials his barber confidence was soaring and he grabbed the clippers and scissors and decided to do it while James was still sitting in his high chair after lunch. James has had one haircut at Snip-its, a salon that specializes in young children. At Snip-its he sat quietly watching Baby Shark on an ipad while his stylist cut his hair. At Daniel’s Barber Shoppe on the other hand, he screamed and pleaded for it to stop from the first snip. It was pretty bad. James was crying and shouting, “All Done?!” while Daniel tried to quickly finish. For the rest of the day Daniel followed him around with scissors and would snip one piece at a time to try to even it out. The end result was…adequate (Daniel’s word for it :).

Suddenly a big boy!!
Take a look at the expert work above his ear. (Oh and PS: I went in to make sure he could breathe with Teddy Bear so close to his face)

And now…a few things I’ve loved lately:

Last week we watched a fantastic movie: Brittany Runs a Marathon. It’s about an overweight woman in her late 20s trying to get her life together by training to run a marathon. It’s funny, relatable, and true—AND it showcases a wonderful lead performance from Jillian Bell.

Daniel and I do an at-home date night two or three times a week and lately those dates have included some intense Mario Party playing on Nintendo Switch. It’s basically a board game combined with little mini video game contests. I haven’t played video games in years but it hasn’t been hard to pick up and we’re having so much fun with it (and doing a fair amount of competitive trash talking). So if you have a Switch and are looking for activities, I really recommend it. I’m sure it would be great for older kids, too.

Most experts are now recommending that people cover their faces when going out in public. Here is an article that shows you how to make a cloth mask out of some household items.

If you’ve been doing some baking with your extra time at home and find yourself running out of common ingredients, this is a guide that shows you what to substitute.

If you’re looking for a good Instagram follow, @thedivadish posts a ton of funny memes in her stories on Wednesdays which I have been loving.


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