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james running down the street


James had his first real injury recently. He was walking outside with Daniel and he fell face first on the sidewalk and hit his head. He had a big bump above his eye and scrapes on his face and nose. Daniel rushed him inside and cleaned the scrapes and tried to put ice on it but wasn’t able to hold it on because James hated it.

james running down the street

James cried for a few minutes but calmed down and happily ate his lunch and even took a normal nap shortly after. I think it looked much worse than it actually was but it was terrifying. (Daniel called his doctor to make sure we knew the signs of a concussion.) The feeling of seeing your little child with an injury is gut-wrenching. It was harder on me and Daniel than it was on him. We talked to the doctor and monitored him for a concussion but luckily he was fine. The swelling went down over the next few days and the scrapes are healing.

Needless to say, that was the worst part of my week, but there were of course a few things I really enjoyed:

Never Have I Ever, the new Netflix show from Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, is a sitcom about an Indian American teen growing up in the San Fernando Valley. It has heart and insight while still being really funny. If you tend to like teen TV shows, this one is really good.

I have also been watching the latest season of one of my favorite shows, Better Call Saul. I watched the previous season (season 4) partly during labor (so not really) and during up-all-night breastfeeding sessions during the first week after giving birth, so let’s just say I was in a fever dream and remembered almost nothing. I finished the episodes I missed and moved right along to season 5 and it has been absolutely fantastic, as always.

This story about animal shelters resorting to virtual marketing to make sure their dogs still get adopted was heartwarming.

You don’t need to disinfect your fruits and veggies with cleaning products. (It can be more dangerous to introduce cleaning chemicals to your body.) Cold water and maybe a scrub brush is all you really need, but if you wanted to be extra cautious maybe a little dish soap and a thorough rinsing.

One positive side effect of more people being stuck at home is that people are cooking more of their own food. Researchers say, “One of the biggest predictors of eating a healthy diet is eating at home.”

Please feel free to share any shows, movies, books, or links of anything you have enjoyed recently. Stay Safe!


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