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What in the world does the term “High-Performance Coaching” mean? It’s a phrase that is thrown about in the sports world, so we brought on coach Vern Gambetta to discuss his views. As always when we bring Vern on, we cover a wide range of topics.

We start by discussing the role of performance data or metrics in modern coaching. Is it beneficial? Or is it simply a quest to for certainty in an uncertain world? We look at data from a number of different views, including whether it aids in injury prevention or if that search is a fool errand.

Next, we delve into the developmental stages of a coach. How the basics are what matter and we should always reduce things to their simplest components. To close things out we ask the question what’s the purpose of a coach, and what in the world do ‘core values’ actually mean?

There’s even a bit of drug talk thrown in for good measure.

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Resources mentioned:
The Armby Jeff Pison

The Control of Nature by John McPhee

“How do you feel?” Understanding What Athlete Feedback Tells Us


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