Where are my fellow fluctuators at? : loseit

Where are my fellow fluctuators at? : loseit


Hey Loseit! I mustered you the courage to post my before and after picture today and share some of my story! https://imgur.com/a/ItSmr4n My highest weight I ever saw on the scale was 181lb in Jan 2019. I’m a 5’3 female with a stocky frame. I have never been one of the “thin girls” in my life. I have always played sports and loveddd food. My weight has been going up and down in relation to diets since I was 16. Well, seeing that number really shocked me as it was undeniably close to leaving the 100s. I wasn’t able to finally buckle down and make the hard choices until the end of May 2019. I decided to cut out drinking for a month and half and began MFP and CICO with a goal of 1200 (1400 on days I worked out). I was extremely disciplined for the first month and then allowed myself a cheat meal or two a week for the next couple of months after that. I also began running for exercise and trained for a 5k at a 9:00 mile pace. My first goal was 150lb. I actually reached that by July! I kept up my healthy habits and reached 145lbs by the end of August. Now here’s the kicker- I have maintained it!! All the way through the holidays until today I stood on the scale and am still 145!! I feel healthy and strong. I run and spin and swim for exercise. I have a general idea of my calories each day (about 1700) but I allow for fun choices on the weekend or out to eat with friends. I think my appetite is smaller so that has helped. I could stand to lose a little more but I’m actually really happy with my body and my body seems happy too 🙂 How has y’all’s experience been with maintenance?


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