Why you should photograph all your food (yes, really!). : loseit

Why you should photograph all your food (yes, really!). : loseit
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How I changed my relationship with food – clickbaity, but true!

Here’s every single piece of of food I’ve eaten over the last two weeks!

Quick bit of background before the good stuff:

SW: 167lbs/76kg

CW: 121lbs/55kg

GW: ~115lbs/52kg

Height: 5’0″/153cm.

Daily calories: 1300

I started losing weight with intuitive eating around August, losing on and off – switching to CICO to lose the last 15lbs back in April. Here’s a nifty graph (the big spike is me living on kinder Buenos and energy drinks while writing my UG dissertation haha).

Now, the last few months I have been taking photos of EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth. Every. Single. Calorie. is visually documented. I used to be a massive snacker, constantly grazing the cupboards and easily taking in an extra couple of hundred calories in random little nibbles here and there. The rule of photographing everything has completely changed this up! I started off using the app Ate which I loved and found very useful! I’ve since shifted to making collages that I upload daily to r/1200isplenty. This has encouraged me to focus on plating my food nicely, which in turn has really helped me focus on the visual element of food. We eat with our eyes and all that!

What it’s done for me:

  • accountability

  • a record of what I eat (in addition to calorie logs)

  • encourages a more varied diet

  • Stops mindless grazing!

  • a community of others who also share their food and offer encouragement/support

  • a new relationship with food focused on the visual element

  • makes meal times a more conscious/mindful (lol) process

I strongly recommend giving it a go, especially if you struggle with mindless snacking.

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