Women’s Running Tops | Summer 2018 Buying Guide – Running Warehouse Blog

Women’s Running Tops | Summer 2018 Buying Guide – Running Warehouse Blog


Summer has arrived! While we like our cozy half zips and fleeced tights as much as anyone, there’s nothing quite like stepping outside in next to nothing on a hot day. Muscles warm and loose, sweat dripping — the thrill of summer running makes us feel confident and alive.

Below, we’ve selected our favorite tops for this summer. To help you find your perfect top, we’ve categorized them by type, and further divided them into options for miles (well-constructed for your hottest, toughest days), smiles (fun, everyday choices), and styles (offering a unique design that we love).


Miles – rabbit Freedom Tank

Rabbit apparel has quickly become one of our favorite brands. Their flawless fits, no-fuss designs, and unique patterns bring summer running tanks to new heights. With fabric that somehow manages an otherworldly balance of super soft and paper thin, this singlet can keep up with your longest days under the sun.

Smiles – adidas Per Xback Tank

This adidas tank is out to prove that even simple running tanks can look as good as they feel. Sporty elastic bands criss cross over the shoulders, giving way to a stylish, low-scoop back design that allows a full range of motion and extra room to breathe on the summer days when you need it most.

Styles – Nike Just Do It Tank

We at Running Warehouse believe in running’s ability to empower, and a bold outfit always seems to give us an extra boost of confidence. This tank’s racerback design ensures freedom of movement, and its dropped rear hem removes that nagging need to fix your clothes mid-run. Get out there and, yep, you guessed it — just do it.

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Short Sleeve Tops

Miles – Oiselle Hawkeye Cap Sleeve

This Oiselle tee will help you keep your cool on your hottest summer runs. Fun mesh panels highlight the top of the tee, adding extra ventilation around your shoulders. The rest of the tee doesn’t skimp on ventilation either, as small knitted perforations all over bring additional breathability and comfort. Oiselle’s color palette is always on point too, with a beautiful deep blue option along with a clean, shining white.

Smiles – The North Face Workout Short Sleeve

When The North Face acquired Lucy last year, they continued to make the super-soft, well-fitting pieces that brought Lucy its loyal fanbase. The Workout Short Sleeve is a favorite at Running Warehouse thanks to its loose, lightweight design, which feels incredible against your skin. With bold color patterns as well as some sleek monotone options, there’s a tee for any taste.

Styles – Janji Uganda Crossback Tee

Janji has been a favorite brand here since their inception. Not only do they make bold, unique apparel that performs flawlessly, they also donate 5% of their sales to global clean water initiatives, which makes us feel all the more proud to rock their fun styles. This tee features a crossed, open-back design that lets in air from the side, above, below — you name it, this tee lets air through it.

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Half Zips and Light Jackets

Miles – ON Weather-Jacket

If you put this jacket on without knowing what it is, you’d probably note the soft, stretchy fabric and the phenomenal lightweight fit. What you wouldn’t realize is that this jacket is actually built for harsh weather. With fabric this soft, you probably wouldn’t believe there’s a full DWR finish that keeps out wind and water. Because the fabric is SO lightweight and stretchy, this jacket is an excellent piece for those of us that run in volatile summer weather. When the thermostat is rising but the rain keeps falling, this ON jacket will not disappoint.

Smiles – The North Face Reactor Hoodie

Some of the most fun summer runs happen at dawn and dusk, when there’s a little chill from the night seeping into the daylight. For those invigorating runs we know and love, a piece like the North Face Reactor hoodie is the perfect companion. It’s lightweight with just enough material to ward off the chill; keep it on as long as you need, and toss it around your waist once you get the blood pumping.

Styles – Nike Transparent Jacket

Nike never fails to deliver stylish, bold pieces that always seem to perform well despite looking so fashionable. Their cropped Transparent Jacket is no exception, with clear, water-repellant material that’ll keep a summer storm from ruining your run without the bulky stuffiness of a full-length jacket. Easily packable into a pocket found at the collar, this jacket is also an excellent option for crisp runs early in the morning or as the sun goes down.

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Looking for something other than tops? Check out our complete catalogue below.

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