Octane Fitness xR6x Elliptical Machine Trainer

The Octane Fitness xR6x Elliptical Machine Trainer is revolutionary, cutting edge, as well as the most compact elliptical machine trainer on the market.

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Octane Fitness xR6x Elliptical Machine Trainer is right for you if: You’re new to cross-training and want to experience the benefits of a high-quality elliptical experience, or You’re an experienced user and want a smooth elliptical that can handle your routine.

The Octane Fitness xR6x Elliptical Machine Trainer is a quality elliptical that is built to last with a steel frame construction, adjustable stride length, and oversized pedals. The product has a three-way workout option that allows you to perform arm workouts at the same time as leg workouts. It also has an iPod output jack, heart rate monitor contact, and a blue-lit display.

Octane xR6x Elliptical Machine Trainer is the perfect exercise machine if you are looking for a combination of both strength training and cardio. Featuring a railroad-inspired design, it is equipped with 6 high output LED-backlit monitors, dual-function elliptical arms, 10 resistance levels, wireless elliptical handles design, body mass index tracking, and bonus 16 intervals fitness workout.

Top-of-the-line features

The Octane Fitness xR6x is a cross-country-inspired elliptical machine trainer that offers top-of-the-line features for the ultimate indoor or outdoor workout. It is designed for use by men and women and has an easy on/off feature that allows you to quickly transition between workouts. The SmartFirm Technology upholstery provides firm, impact-absorbing support to help enhance comfort as you work out while the custom-designed flywheel and shock absorption system provide smooth operation and long life.

Experience the next generation of motion in the xR6x Elliptical Machine Trainer. The patent-pending elliptical motion provides comfort and power, while its sleek design makes workouts convenient. Whether you’re stepping up your fitness regime or looking for an exercise machine that can be conveniently used anywhere, the octane xR6x is your perfect match. The trainer offers a max user weight of up to 375 lbs. Users must be able to step over a 6 1/2″ high bar for step-through use.

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The xR6x provides the same effective and cushioning feel as Octane’s proven mid-tricycle design, but with a more compact size allowing it to fit in most home spaces. The xR6x Elliptical Machine is the world’s most compact elliptical machine. No matter your size, shape, or fitness goals, the xR6x can be used for walking, running and even arm workouts for a complete total body workout every time you use it. The smooth bench transition and superior cushioning will provide you with an unsurpassed experience unlike no other.

The Octane Fitness xR6x elliptical trainer is the perfect cardio workout. It has a whisper-quiet, high-speed, elliptical motion that mimics the natural movement of the legs and uses body weight and gravity as resistance. The Octane Fitness xR6x Elliptical Trainer combines aerobic exercise with total body toning. It’s the perfect exercise machine for home gyms, large fitness facilities, and corporate wellness programs alike.