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Weight Loss Calculation Tool – Determine your Daily Caloric Intake

Weight Loss Calculation Tool

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Weight Loss Calculation Tool

Most of the calorie calculators help you estimate how many calories to consume each day if you want to maintain your weight. Some even help you to gain weight. However, the Weight Loss Calculation Tool will assist your slim down process. This tool will help you to answer the most crucial weight-loss problem: “how many calories should I consume a day to lose weight?”


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Weight Loss

Weight loss means the reduction or putting on the weight that’s on your physique. Losing weight is also a decline in the body mass of a person. This reduction from the body mass is due to a decrease in body fluids. If weight loss, however, begins happening naturally, is dangerous since it is usually due to some illness in your body. That is why regular checkups are crucial.

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How does the Weight Loss Calculator Work?

If losing weight is the primary goal, it is smart to use a weight reduction calculator. It is a simple process and can even be exciting and fun, even if you’re not trying to alter your weight.

How does it work? 

The calculator identifies the target date and calculates the number of calories your body needs to achieve your goal and the calories you need to maintain your goal based on your personalized lifestyle information. It also measures the daily and weekly weight loss in lbs. Ultimately, it adds calories to gain weight or subtracts calories that will assist you to eliminate weight.

What about if you want to maintain your current weight? 

The calculator can figure out how many calories you should eat to maintain weight too. This information is beneficial for numerous healthy eaters. If you’re at a healthy weight and would like to maintain it, you should be sure that you don’t eat too much or too little.

Why Is Maintaining A Healthy Body Weight Important


Why is maintaining a Healthy Body Weight Important?

The need to lose weight is not necessarily because you must look attractive, but you also need to shield your body from many diseases and illnesses that it may face due to obesity and overweight. You may feel totally comfortable inside your body, but on the other hand, you may not know about what are the occurrences within your own body. The results may be more than harmful which usually you understand after you have developed some sickness, but if you’re overweight and don’t need that, then begin working on it from this day.

Οbesity is the cause of many diseases, and the most popular one is cardiovascular diseases. You might even boost your likelihood of cardiac arrest if you don’t improve your eating habits. But it must be recalled that not always the weight gain is because you overeat, additional problems, for instance hyperthyroid, may also be causing the weight to increase and this is a dangerous scenario and before you go for anything, ask your doctor. Usually, the problem is solved by some medications.

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What helps you lose weight?

Now before you begin losing weight, check your typical weight with your age and height. This you can perform using an extremely simple weight reduction calculator. When you are aware of how much you are and just how much you need to lose to have a great shape, start dieting. Remember, that you also have to check to what extent your calorie intake per day should be and assess the number of calories to eliminate weight, calculator shows.

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In case you are one of those people who hasn’t gained weight and has never gone to a diet before, then your hard luck, because your body might take some time to adapt itself into your new eating habits. But once your system is used to, you’ll feel that your hunger level to reduce.

However, before you go on a strict diet, you have to prepare your body for it. You should consume a high protein breakfast, avoid high sugar drinks, eat plenty of fruits and healthy foods, start avoiding food or spoon packs, etc. You can also eat after an intense workout. Your metabolism rate increases and exercise helps reduce the number of calories you get.

Remember that drinking the right amount of water is also extremely important. If you go on a strict diet but don’t consume water, then be aware that the diet is purposeless because your body will not demonstrate any changes without water. Understand that your own body needs and enjoys the water.

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Weight loss calculation tool

This weight loss calculation tool is simple and straightforward to use. This weight loss calculator, you will help you to begin and measure how many calories you want to reduce to reach a healthy level of weight. Sometimes, it’s that you might feel the need to get rid of weight if you’re like crazy into fitness. However, your weight might be completely normal. So to be able to avoid all the confusion this calculator is utilized. Do remember that your weight has a direct connection with your height as well. And not only with your height, but age also.

For a specific age group, let us state for a 17-year-old, 55 kilograms using a height of about 5’3 is the standard weight. But the typical weight is not the same for everybody, it keeps changing for each age group, and so, this calculator relates your weight with your age and height as well. The weight loss goal calculator has some basic fields that you need to populate.

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Using the Weight Loss Calculator

The goal weight calculator does not require any personal information. You have to provide some essential information regarding your age, gender, height, and your present weight to get the right calorie number. The calculator requires this information because these are variables that affect your metabolic rate and the number of calories that your body needs to operate. In general, men need more calories than women. Larger bodies require more calories than smaller bodies, and younger adults need more calories compared to older adults. 

You will also be asked about your activity customs. If your body is more energetic throughout the day, it requires more fuel (in the form of calories). Try to be as fair as you possibly can about your exercise and daily activity customs. If you fudge the numbers, then you won’t have an accurate outcome. If you’re not sure how busy you are during the day, keep an action journal for a week.

Next, you’re going to be asked about your goals. It’s essential to be realistic during this measure. You have to define the number of days you aim to achieve your goal and the amount of weight you wish to lose. 

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Are you trying to slim down?​

Your goal weight may differ from your ideal body weight (IBW). For instance, you may want to weigh 120 pounds. But in case you have struggled with your weight for most of your life and have not been lower compared to 150 pounds, then 120 may not be sensible at this moment. Attempt to set a goal that you think to be attainable. Once you reach your target, you can always place a new one.

Then, after completing the necessary information and simply by pressing calculate, the calculator presents you the outcome by simply pressing on the calculate button. 

Some weight-related calculators help you find out how many calories to eat each day if you want to maintain your weight. Some even allow you to gain weight. However, if you are trying to slim down, then you need a weight reduction calculator that will help you answer the most important weight-loss question: “how many calories should I eat daily to lose weight?”

It is simple to figure the ideal amount of calories for weight reduction, for weight gain, or weight loss maintenance. Just follow these simple steps. Then, you’ll understand how many calories you want to eat daily to attain your goal.

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Boost your goal weight

After completing the calorie calculator process, you’ll find a daily caloric goal. This is the number of calories you should eat each day to reach your desired weight in the time frame that you set. If you are attempting to gain weight, your daily calorie goal will include a calorie excess. A calorie deficit is an energy shortfall and occurs when you cut calories by eating less than your body requires or burn extra calories with physical activity. You might even combine diet and exercise to make a calorie deficit. If you cut more calories, then you’ll eliminate weight faster. But it isn’t safe or sensible to cut a lot of calories.

Sound complex? 

Let us use an example to describe. Let’s say that you are a sedentary girl. The weight loss calculation tool may say that you have to consume 1,500 calories a day to drop weight. But you don’t think you could cut enough food out of your diet to reach that number. That’s OK. It is possible to add exercise into your weekly routine to account for a few added calories.

Here are a couple of ways you could make it work:

Eat 1,600 (100 excess) calories every day and add a short evening walk to your daily routine to burn the additional 700 calories per week.

Alternatively, you can eat 1,700 (200 extra) calories each day and add a HIIT exercise to your schedule two times per week and three 30-minute drops during the week to burn the extra 1,400 calories each week.

In all those scenarios, you’ve added calories to your daily food intake, but you’ve burned more calories with exercise to maintain the appropriate calorie shortage for weight loss. In case you want to lose more weight or lose weight faster, you just add the exercise to your everyday routine without adding calories to your daily diet.

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Quick & Simple Tips to Shed Weight

Establish Practical Goals: 

Short term changes are typically driven mostly by water. For most people, it is tough to shed more than just 1 to 2 pounds each week. Attempting to shed too fast can result in serious health difficulties.

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Eating foods with a high glycemic index (those high in sugar as well as other fast-acting processed carbohydrates) will cause your blood glucose to increase rapidly, making you hungry sooner. While fats and proteins are processed more slowly and give you a longer-lasting feeling of fulfillment. Calorie counting does not work for most people because it takes too much time, effort, and discipline. 

Eating fruits and veggies with a higher fat and protein content and fewer carbohydrates mean you should not have to count calories, as your system will not inform you which you’re hungry once you don’t require food. There are literally sugar sweets in grocery stores that are promoted as fat-free. 

Skipping & Binging: 

Skipping meals often contributes to binging later during the night.

Diet & Exercise: 

Most of what pushes loss or gain are what you consume, but it is tough to perform by cutting calories excessively. In case you’ve reduced your calories to 1,200 per day, then rather than trying to reduce calories farther, it is far better to try to boost calorie burning. Exercising will both make you feel much better and make it easier to sleep at night.

Sleep Well: 

In case you don’t get sufficient sleep, you’ll crave more food to offset the lack of sleep.

Measure it:

If you would like to improve something, quantify it. Wearing a sports watch and holding yourself to a daily target may result in forming powerful habits. Garmin devices also let you create an internet account where you can track yourself from friends and co-workers, so it is possible to push each other to exercise. The beautiful thing about measuring exercise rather than weight is one can become a habit that contributes to the desired aim. Doing your daily exercise, you will know about what you did and how it made you feel. Besides those who exercise may have marginally elevated serotonin levels that lead to improved satiety, decreasing hunger.

Make it Interesting: 

If exercise is boring, not fun, then most people will not sustain it. This is why, typical new year’s resolutions, is joining a gym and losing 10 pounds are quickly abandoned by February every year. Make exercising simple, convenient and enjoyable, and you will keep at it. If walking or something easy like that’s too boring, consider adding an MP3 player and listen to songs or podcasts, or even add another form of entertainment in your mix.

Whatever is Better Than Nothing: 

If you can’t do high impact stuff, then begin with lesser workouts. If you do not have a lot of endurance, then exercise in shorter periods and gradually increase them.