Lumen: Improve Your Metabolic Flexibility and Transform Your Body

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Lumen is a metabolic monitoring device that will help you improve your metabolic flexibility, transform your body, and improve overall health. 

It is not just a fitness trend, it’s a scientifically proven method to improve your health. Lumen offers personalized plans for athletes looking to improve performance and for people who want to lose weight and boost energy. With insights into how your body burns fat and carbs, Lumen guides you to smarter nutrition choices and workout strategies. Achieve a personalized lifestyle that suits your specific needs, where metabolic flexibility becomes your new reality!

What is metabolism? 

The term metabolism refers to the process of chemical reactions in our bodies. It is a series of biochemical processes in the cells and tissues responsible for maintaining life itself. The body uses energy from food to carry out these metabolic processes. 

Eating foods rich in carbohydrates or fats are converted into glucose and fatty acids by breaking down their complex molecules. These simple substances then enter the bloodstream and provide energy to various organs such as the brain, heart muscles, etc. Not enough blood sugar is available, it converts proteins stored in muscle tissue into glucose. This process is called gluconeogenesis. 

Aerobic vs. anaerobic training 

The human body has two types of metabolism: aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic means that oxygen is involved in the conversion of nutrients into ATP. Anaerobic means that oxygen is not needed for the conversion. Both forms of metabolism are essential for survival, but only one form should dominate at any time. For example, if you exercise intensely on a treadmill, your body would use more fat than carbohydrates while running. However, after an intense workout, your body will quickly switch back to burning carbohydrate-rich foods to recover. 

During intense endurance training such as jogging, cycling, swimming, rowing, or even weight lifting, the body switches its primary energy source from glycogen stores to fat. During recovery, the body uses glycogen instead of fat because it takes longer to break down glycogen. Glycogen is the storage form of glucose found in the liver, kidneys, skeletal muscles, and other body parts. Fatty acids are broken down very quickly and provide instant energy. Therefore, they are the preferred energy source during short bursts of activity. 

What is metabolic flexibility? 

Metabolic flexibility refers to the ability of a cell or tissue to switch between using glucose as an energy source and fatty acids. This means you can burn fat for fuel and use it when needed. Some say you can burn body fat and lose weight without dieting by burning fat instead of carbs.

The term “metabolic flexibility” is used interchangeably with these terms, although there is debate about whether either should be considered. In this case, it is more accurate than the other. Most experts believe that to lose weight and maintain muscle mass, you should improve your metabolic flexibility.

The best way to achieve this goal is to exercise. Exercise improves insulin sensitivity, which helps regulate blood sugar levels and ensures that your cells receive adequate nutrients. It also increases the number of mitochondria in each cell. These changes help improve metabolism and promote overall health! 

Exercise alone does not necessarily mean an increased metabolism. You overeat, especially carbohydrates like bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and sugary drinks. In this case, you’ll likely store those calories as fat instead of converting them into usable energy. Exercising regularly, even three times a week for just 30 minutes, will lead to visible results.

Improve your metabolic flexibility

The ability to improve your metabolism has many health advantages. Humans did not evolve to rely on carbohydrates as our primary energy source. Our bodies can use both fats and carbs for energy, depending on what is available.

Unfortunately, most modern diets contain high-quality processed carbohydrates from cereals, legumes, grains, and starches. These diets result in the escalating rate of obesity (70 percent of adults within the United States are overweight) and steadily rising metabolic illnesses (cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease among these).

Overweight and obesity infographic - Body Mass Index (BMI) Accurate & Scientific Calculation Tools

Improve your metabolic flexibility is your body’s ability to switch between different metabolic pathways. These pathways produce energy, regulate metabolism, and respond to various hormones. 

Metabolic flexibility also means you have a higher chance of burning fat for fuel rather than sugar or carbohydrates. This increases your weight loss potential because it takes more calories from fat than carbohydrates to accomplish the same feat. You can improve your metabolic flexibility by changing your exercise routine frequently, eating enough protein daily, drinking enough water, and getting enough sleep every night. 

What is Lumen? 

Lumen is the world’s first portable device that accurately measures metabolism. 

It calculates calories burned and fat loss in real-time using a special algorithm. The algorithm provides an accurate estimate of the amount of energy you use during exercise or daily activities. Lumen also monitors sleep quality and duration so you can have more restful nights of deep REM sleep

Lumen is a unique device that offers a different way to track well-being compared to other devices on the market. Instead of just monitoring exercise and heart rate throughout the day, this brand-new fitness tracker works with your body’s breathing patterns and then calculates a score indicating your health. It does this by using “breathing signatures” unique to each person.

How does Lumen work? 

Lumen uses advanced sensors to detect breathing and powerful algorithms to understand your metabolism in real-time, unlike any other health technology.

Lumen uses both a flow meter and a CO2 sensor to determine the concentration of CO2 in a single breath. This is how your body determines what fuel it uses for energy. The amount of oxygen consumed per minute tells us if we’re exercising hard or resting comfortably. The data collected through the flow meter gives us a complete picture of your body’s efficiency in converting food into energy.

This information helps us calculate your total calorie burn, which is essential when trying to lose weight. We can track your energy expenditure over time and offer personalized insights about your lifestyle habits and overall wellness.

Lumen measures your Fuel Source

Lumen measures your Fuel Source and helps you Improve Your Metabolic Flexibility

Lumen is a measure of the CO2 level of your breath. It can determine if you are burning carbs or fat for energy.

Lumen has a CO2 sensor and an airflow meter that measures the air you breathe in and out. It connects to an app on your phone via Bluetooth, saving and interpreting all the collected data.

After receiving my Lumen, I downloaded the mobile application. I then created an account and then connected with the device using Bluetooth.

I answered some questions about my activity level and sleep habits, which are important for a healthy lifestyle. The next critical step was to measure my inspiratory power, which is one of the four essential lung volume measurements. 

Then, I did a few tests of breaths to become accustomed to the mechanism of breathing through this device. After I was able to master breathing, it went into calibration mode.

Technically, the day of calibration begins with taking a breath the following day while in a state of fasting. It means you’re not allowed to bring food or drink later than dinner when you’ve breathed through Lumen the next day.

Why should I buy Lumen? 

You don’t need to spend hours at the gym tracking your steps or counting calories to achieve optimal results. With Lumen, you’ll receive actionable feedback that will help you make small changes to your diet and activity levels that significantly improve your health.

Whether you want to monitor your progress while working toward a goal like losing weight or learn more about yourself, Lumen provides all the tools you need. 

Learn More About Lumen

Lumen relies on two technical components to assess metabolism. The mouthpiece contains CO2 and airflow sensors. You can also see a yellow LED flashing as it works. I believe this is part of the CO2 sensor hardware. 

Burning carbs releases more carbon dioxide than burning fat. This sensor combination allows the Lumen to calculate the CO2 level in your lungs. 

Lumen meets the standards for tracking personal metabolism. Several validation studies have shown that Lumen is a good candidate for metabolic measurements. 

Why do we use Lumen?

Lumen’s goal is to measure your metabolism and help you achieve optimal wellness through continuous feedback about your lifestyle habits. We want to ensure that you’re doing everything possible to be your best. That’s why we’ve created Lumen.

We know that many people struggle with their diet and exercise routines. They may feel like they don’t get results fast enough. Or maybe they find themselves constantly struggling with food cravings and emotional triggers. Lumen helps you retake control over your life. With its easy-to-use interface, you’ll always stay connected to your goals. And if you need some extra motivation, Lumen will give you a personalized message when you reach milestones along the way.

You won’t lose anything by trying Lumen. You could even save money! Because Lumen automatically tracks all your activity data, buying expensive apps or wearables is no longer necessary. All you need is Lumen.

Who should try Lumen?

If you’re looking for something simple and intuitive, Lumen might be suitable for you. If you’d like to monitor your progress towards achieving better overall wellness, Lumen is perfect. Whether you’re interested in losing weight, improving cardiovascular function, or simply feeling healthier, Lumen has got you covered.

Do I really need Lumen?

Lumen measures every aspect of your daily routine so you can quickly identify which foods contribute most to your caloric expenditure. By understanding these factors, you can adjust your eating plan accordingly.

You cannot effectively manage your nutrition intake without knowing exactly where your calorie burn comes from. 

The purpose of diets low in carbs, such as Paleo or Keto, is to help you develop lifestyles similar to our ancestors’ healthier lifestyles. This, in turn, enhances the metabolic flexibility of your body.

This is precisely where Lumen suggests it can aid. It provides real-time information on the state of your metabolism and helps you develop healthier eating habits that allow your body to use fat to generate energy.

If you allow your body to change to its metabolic rate, you can benefit from the following:

  • The lower the risk of developing metabolic disorders.
  • Faster weight loss as well as fat reduction.
  • Increased energy levels.
  • Improvement in mental performance.
  • Physical performance is improved.

What’s the Technology Behind Lumen?

The concept behind Lumen isn’t new. It uses breath analyzers to measure what’s referred to in the medical world as the respiratory exchange ratio. The RER refers to how much oxygen is consumed versus carbon dioxide is produced during physical activities. When this ratio gets too high, the body burns carbohydrates instead of fats.

When the RER is above 1.0, the body uses glucose instead of fatty acids to produce energy. At this point, the body becomes more efficient at converting calories into heat. As a result, the amount of time needed to warm up after exercising decreases.

However, when the RER drops below 0.8, the body switches back to utilizing fatty acid oxidation. Fatty acids are used because they provide an immediate source of fuel. Since the body doesn’t have to wait until glycogen stores become depleted before utilizing them, the process takes less time.

As a result, the body burns off the stored fat faster while also producing fewer harmful toxins.

Lumen is your personal nutritionist

Lumen is your personal nutritionist

With Lumen, you’ll receive detailed reports based on your current dietary patterns. You’ll learn which foods increase your caloric output and which ones decrease it. These insights will enable you to create healthy meal plans that keep you energized throughout the day.

You’ll gain insight into your nutritional needs by tracking your meals and workouts. Once you understand your unique requirements, you can begin making changes to improve your metabolic flexibility.

Your personal trainer will guide you step-by-step toward reaching your fitness goals.

The respiratory exchange ratio (also called RER) is a term used to describe the proportion between the amount of oxygen (O2) that you breathe in and the quantity of carbon dioxide (CO2) you exhale.

If you follow an eating plan that is high in carbs, your breath inhaling has lots of CO2. In this case, your body can use carbs for fuel, such as those who follow the Standard American Diet (SAD).

On the other hand, if you are fat-adapted and burn fat primarily (or ketones), your body exhales less CO2. In this case, your primary fuel is carbs, your body exhales more C02.

The metabolic breath analyzer detects carbon dioxide in your breath and tells you if you’re burning carbohydrates or fats for fuel.

RER measurements, in the past, were only accessible to patients in clinical environments and professional athletes looking to boost and enhance their metabolic rate.

Lumen monitors your metabolic flexibility 

Lumen monitors and improve your metabolic flexibility 

One of the best features of Lumen is its ability to monitor your metabolic flexibility. It measures the ratio of fat burned to carbohydrates, and it evaluates energy production as heat versus power (measured in watts). This gives you an idea of how much fuel your body can use at different times of the day. You can lower insulin levels by switching from carbohydrates to fat. However, excessive fat metabolism can lead to fatigue and exhaustion. Your body needs more energy to convert fat into fuel. 

Lumen is the only device that can measure your metabolism and detect metabolic issues such as chronic fatigue syndrome and anorexia. Lumen gives you information that your doctor could not have told you before. You get accurate measurements of how your metabolism functions, no matter what happens in your life. It’s fun, easy to use, and provides instant results. 

How do you hack your metabolism with Lumen? 

Lumen’s cutting-edge technology and portable form factor allow you to track your physical activity and calories burned. It can even tell you how many calories you burn while biking, running, or walking. Lumen also helps you optimize your sleep cycles to reap all the benefits of sleep. It ensures a restful night’s sleep by monitoring your breathing patterns and movements throughout the night. With the help of Lumen’s sleep monitoring, you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to start your day! 

Lumen measures the level of free oxygen (FCO2) in the air you breathe to accurately predict changes in your metabolism. It is the only FDA-approved system at launch with non-invasive sensors that can be safely used anywhere. Lumen is revolutionizing healthcare by providing people with personalized wellness tracking and feedback. 

Lumen App 

The Lumen app is not just another fitness app

The Lumen app is more than just a fitness app. It is a virtual assistant of sorts. It provides users with a wealth of information that they can use to get moving in the right direction. Toast created this app to help people stay focused and achieve their goals, even when they are surrounded by distractions.

The Lumen app securely connects you to your Lumen device and tracks your trends. You can easily visualize areas of improvement and measure yourself against globally recognized standards for good metabolic health. 

The Lumen app uses an algorithm based on breathing patterns to measure how efficiently your body burns food for fuel. The results show you where you stand compared to others using similar equipment. You can see if you burn more calories when you exercise, which foods fill you up faster, and which foods satiate you better. With this information, you can adjust your diet and exercise habits to achieve optimal performance. 

The app helps track progress and set goals for metabolic flexibility and other things like weight loss and staying active.

How do you use Lumen? 

The Lumen app tracks a user's breathing patterns

The Lumen app tracks a user’s breathing patterns throughout the day. Each time a user takes a breath, Lumen measures it and creates a unique signature for that breath. This is based on the time of day, location, and many other factors. This signature is then compared to others in the Lumen database. 

Lumen has developed an algorithm that tracks the user’s breath signature by measuring the rate of change in breath frequency. The breathing rate is used to estimate the daily calories burned, considering age, gender, weight, activity level, and other factors.

Each day, the user’s breath is recorded and analyzed to assess their overall health, sleep quality, and well-being. The user can also track their progress over time by viewing historical data from different days. 

Lumen is a device like a breathalyzer that records the user’s breath over time and uses it to calculate the user’s “breath signature.” There is a new device called the “Lumen Flex Score” that claims to be more accurate than the breath test. It measures accuracy in percentages. 

Personalized nutrition plan 

Lumen acts as your nutritionist. It provides daily nutritional recommendations and personalized meal plans. It also identifies when to increase your metabolic efficiency and what to eat. 

Improve your workout performance 

Lumen also detects whether you have enough energy before a workout or need to top up. 

It uses algorithms and sensors to determine how much energy you need to perform at your best. This information is then sent to your smartphone to see how much energy you have left. 

Lumen Flex Score 

To determine the user’s “breath signature,” about a week of regular breath measurements are required. It takes four weeks before a Lumen Flex Score is assigned. For more accurate measurements, the first method is required. However, this requires some effort and dedication. Users must measure their breaths regularly and keep track of carbohydrate intake to “teach” lumens throughout the day. 

To understand how the body responds to meals and exercise, it’s best to take measurements before and during meals for the best results. It is also necessary to track macros, which can prove difficult for some. The best way to track macros is to prepare meals. However, it would help if you also track when you eat these meals. 

Morning is the best time to measure your breath. The best time to measure your breath in the morning is before you eat breakfast. Measuring it right after you could skew your body’s ability to burn carbohydrates. Prolonged intermittent fasting can help empty your carbohydrate stores even further. 

Lumen users receive their Lumen Flex Score (LFS) after four weeks. Metabolic flexibility measures how efficiently the body switches between macros to fuel its cells. It ranges from 0-21, with 0-6 representing low flexibility, 7-14 representing moderate flexibility, and 15-21 representing high versatility. Lumen provides more information about the score in the app and weekly updates. 

My experience with Lumen 

I am a reasonably athletic person. I am in my mid 40’s and work out regularly 3 – 4 times a week. 

The Lumen was an enjoyable experience for someone generally interested in the subject. While I do not think it’s for everyone, even I can agree with that. There is no need to cook for a large family every day. I can work from home and stick to the dietary guidelines. The free app MyFitness pal helps track the macros. The lumen app could track the macros automatically, making it easier. 

It’s easy to use the handheld breathalyzer. The device has one button. The app tells you to press it. Hold your breath through the device for 10 seconds. Then breathe out again. This process should be repeated 2-3 times per session. It was a completely new experience to hold my breath for 10 seconds. 

After following the diet plan for 10 days, my body felt more balanced. My energy levels were more stable, and I no longer felt the typical low energy after breakfast. I stopped measuring my daily intake after using Lumen for a month. The app can recommend the right diet if you track your carbohydrate intake daily and take measures every morning. 


Lumen has been very helpful to me. It may not be for everyone. Lumen may be helpful for people who have trouble sticking to a diet or controlling their energy levels. On the other hand, it may not be as helpful for people who lead hectic lives or do not like to cook. 

Lumen is an excellent option if you are struggling to lose weight. It is a small device that can help you achieve all your goals. It will make it easier to eat better, sleep better, and train harder. 

Lumen is an all-in-one tool that can transform your life within weeks.

It is a great tool for people looking to lose weight or build muscle. Lumen is not a magical cure that will make you lose weight or build muscle overnight. It must be used consistently and diligently.

Get serious about your health with Lumen today!