Stop Body Shaming, Stop Judging, And Nudging

Stop body shaming is a movement that aims to stop people from judging others based on their appearance. It’s time we start treating each other as individuals and not just as bodies.

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Stop body shaming is a movement that aims to stop people from judging others based on their appearance. It’s time we start treating each other as individuals and not just as bodies.

It seems like everyone is body shaming these days. We are all guilty of it at one point or another. Whether we are talking about our weight, bodies, clothes, etc., we all do it. But what if we could stop? What if we could say no to body shaming?

What is Body Shaming?

Body shaming is the act of making someone feel bad about their body. It can be done by saying something like, “You’re so fat! You should lose weight!” or it could mean that you don’t want to hang out with them because they are too skinny and not attractive enough for your taste. This type of behavior makes people who have a healthy lifestyle feel less than others.

Many people struggle with Body Shaming

Body shaming is something that many people struggle with. Whether it’s about weight, size, appearance, or anything else, body shaming is something that affects us all.

Body-shaming occurs when one is making fun of, or mocking, someone’s physical appearance. It can also take place when one is criticizing their own appearance.

It’s more than just pictures or words. It is a commonplace and harmful to many teenagers.

Whether in-person or online, body-shaming can take place through photos and videos or spoken words. When body-shaming is done online, it is called cyberbullying, and given the 24-hour access that most teens have to the internet, it can be especially harmful.

The Harmful Effects of Body Shaming

The Harmful Effects of Body Shaming

Body shaming is a form of bullying that can cause serious emotional and psychological damage to the victim. It’s not just about being fat or skinny, but also having an “unattractive body type” such as large breasts, small waist, big hips, etc. The effects are long-lasting because it affects your self-esteem, which impacts how you feel about yourself.

How Does Body Shaming Affect Your Life?

When we get negative comments from other people, our first reaction might be to ignore them. But if they keep happening over time, eventually, we become more sensitive to what other people think. We begin to worry about whether we look good or bad. And we may try to hide parts of ourselves out of fear that people won’t approve of us.

This leads to feelings of low self-worth and shame. If you’re constantly feeling ashamed of your body, you’ll probably develop eating disorders. If you’ve been bullied before, then this will make things worse. Bullies often pick on those who seem weak, vulnerable, or easy targets. So if you were teased or picked on as a child, chances are you still carry some of that baggage around today.

This means that even though bullies aren’t physically hurting you anymore, they can still affect you emotionally. They can leave scars that last forever.

Body-shaming can lead to a plethora of mental health issues in teens but adults as well. The most common are:

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Why Do People Get Body Shame?

People experience body shame due to several reasons:

1) Their parents didn’t teach them any positive values about beauty. Instead, they taught them only negative ones. For example, “Don’t wear makeup” or “Your hair looks terrible.” Or maybe they said nothing at all.

2) There was a lack of role models within their family. Maybe there wasn’t anyone in their home who looked like themselves. That made them wonder why they couldn’t find friends who shared similar interests.

3) Some kids grow up watching TV shows where characters are thin and beautiful. These images influence children into believing that thinness equals success.

4) Kids see celebrities getting plastic surgery and assume that this must be normal.

5) Many girls watch movies and television programs where women are objectified. In fact, according to a study conducted by the University of Michigan, nearly half of young females between ages 11 and 17 believe that women should strive to achieve a certain level of attractiveness.

How To Stop Body Shaming?

How To Stop Body Shaming

Don’t judge other people’s bodies.

If you see someone in an outfit that doesn’t fit right, try complimenting them on how great they look instead of telling them what size they need to wear. Also, if you notice that someone has gained some extra pounds, say, “I love seeing you around” rather than commenting on their appearance.

Be aware of when you’re doing this yourself.

When we start thinking negatively about our own appearances, it becomes easier to do the same thing to others. Try looking at yourself in the mirror every day and noticing areas you think you might be overweight. Then ask yourself why you would even care about those parts of your body. After all, no one else does.

Find ways to make friends outside of your social circle.

There will always be people who aren’t as thin as you are, but people may also share similar interests and hobbies. Join groups online or offline that interest you and find new friends.

Talk to your parents.

They probably won’t understand why you hate having certain things said about your body, but they’ll definitely appreciate being told directly. Tell them that you don’t want anyone calling you names or criticizing your looks. Let them know that you’d prefer to talk to them about anything else.

Get involved in sports teams and clubs.

Sports give us opportunities to meet new people and learn more about ourselves. Participating in team activities gives us a chance to get away from the negative comments and focus on positive aspects of life.

Make sure you eat well.

Eating junk food isn’t going to help you become healthier. Instead, choose foods that fill you up without adding unnecessary calories.

Exercise regularly.

Even though exercise alone won’t change your body shape, it will improve your overall health and fitness level.

Keep track of your progress.

Write down everything you eat and drink daily. That way, you’ll be able to tell whether or not you’ve been eating properly.

Take control over your thoughts.

Negative thoughts often lead to negative actions. So whenever you catch yourself thinking negatively about your body, remind yourself that nobody likes to hear such words.

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Learn to accept yourself.

No matter how much you weigh, you still deserve respect. Remember that you were born perfect, and you shouldn’t let society dictate how you live.

Have fun.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured. Focus on living your best life now and forget about worrying about tomorrow.

Love yourself unconditionally.

Nobody deserves to be mistreated simply because of their physical features. Treat yourself like you treat your family members; show compassion and kindness towards yourself.


The only person whose opinion matters is yours. Your self-image is completely up to you.

Never compare yourself to others.

You can never truly judge another’s appearance until you have walked in their shoes.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

If someone says something mean to you, laugh it off. It doesn’t really matter what they say anyway.

Always keep an open mind.

Everyone has different opinions and beliefs. Respect other peoples’ views so long as they aren’t hurting you personally.

Stay true to yourself.

Do whatever makes you happy regardless of what others think. 18) Know thyself. Understand what motivates you and what drives you crazy.

Live for today.

Tomorrow is guaranteed to come around eventually, so enjoy each moment while it lasts.

Enjoy the journey.

Every step forward brings you closer to reaching your goals.

Believe in yourself.

Once you believe in yourself, nothing can stop you from achieving success. 

Stop body shaming yourself 

Stop body shaming yourself

But what if I told you that you could stop body shaming yourself? What if I told you that there was a way to feel better about yourself without having to diet, exercise, or spend hours in front of the mirror?

Well, I’m going to tell you exactly that.

I’ve spent my whole life struggling with body image issues. I’ve tried every diet under the sun, and I’ve even had surgery. Nothing has worked until now.

I’ve discovered a simple secret that has changed my life forever.

You see, I have been able to get rid of my body shame by focusing less on how I look and more on who I am inside. And guess what? You can too. All you need to do is learn this new mindset.

Νew mindset

Let me ask you: When did you last compliment someone for being beautiful? Or when did you ever think, “wow, she looks great”? Instead, most likely, your thoughts were along the lines of “she needs to lose some weight” or “what happened to her face?”

The truth is, none of those things matter. They don’t define anyone. In fact, they only make them worse because they create an unrealistic expectation of perfection. So instead of thinking about how much weight you want to shed, focus on how happy you will be once you’re done losing it. Focus on how good you’ll feel after getting healthy. Think about how amazing you’ll feel once you finally fit into that dress you’ve always wanted to wear.

Instead of worrying about whether or not you should eat that cookie, worry about whether or not you deserve it. Worry about whether or not you’ll enjoy eating it. Because really, does any of that stuff matter? No. None of it matters.

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Believe you are worth loving

Believe you are worth loving

So let go of your obsession with food and fitness and embrace the real reason you started doing either of those two things – so that you would become healthier. That’s right. The true purpose behind both diets and workouts is health. Not beauty. If you truly believe that you are worth loving regardless of your physical state, you won’t care about your body anymore. You’ll love yourself unconditionally.

So if you’d like to stop feeling bad about yourself, try changing your perspective. Start seeing yourself through different eyes. Stop comparing yourself to others. Learn to appreciate yourself for who you are. Don’t compare yourself to celebrities, models, or thin women. Compare yourself to YOURSELF. See where you stand compared to YOUR standards. Then work towards meeting those goals.

If you follow this process long enough, you’ll realize that your body doesn’t define you. Your body doesn’t determine your value. People around you may judge you based on your appearance, but ultimately, nobody knows you except you. Nobody cares about your weight, your height, your skin color, or your hair length. Only you know what makes you unique. Only you know what defines you.

Change your perspective

When you change your perspective, everything changes. From your mood to your confidence level, nothing stays the same. Once you begin to understand that you are worthy of unconditional acceptance, you’ll never again fall victim to negative self-talk. You’ll never again allow society’s expectations to dictate your happiness. You’ll never again put up with constant criticism.

Because once you accept yourself completely, you’ll find peace within. You’ll discover that you already ARE perfect. And no one else can take that away from you. Start Loving Yourself Today!

I hope these tips have helped you see why people get obsessed with their bodies. I also hope you found a way to start accepting yourself as you are today. Remember, there’s absolutely NO need to diet or exercise to look better than everyone else. All you need to do is learn to LOVE yourself first.

And remember, we all deserve to live our lives without shame. We ALL deserve to be loved just the way we are. Please share this video with someone you think needs to hear it. 


In conclusion, when you love yourself, you become more attractive to others. When you feel good about yourself, you attract positive energy into your life. So let go of any guilt you might still carry over your past mistakes.

Get rid of negative thoughts about your body by reading this book. Learn how to stop self-shaming and learn how to accept yourself. Let go of any fear you might still hold onto. Love yourself unconditionally. Be happy with who you are right now. Because only then will you truly enjoy living your best life ever.