Things Most People Don’t Know About Incontinence

Things Most People Don’t Know About Incontinence

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Medical conditions have a lot of misconceptions regarding what they are and how you can fix them. This is understandable since some of them can be quite confusing, but one condition that shouldn’t have this issue is incontinence. Many mistakenly misunderstand this issue and don’t even know it, so we’re here to go over some things most people don’t know about incontinence. That way, everyone can see it’s not as bad as we make it out to be.

You Can Get Rid of Incontinence

One thing many people don’t realize about this condition is incontinence isn’t permanent. It’s a common issue for older people who are bedridden, so many people assume the problem is irreversible. However, you can rid yourself of incontinence through changes in your diet and proper exercise.

Avoiding things like caffeine and spicy food will decrease the need to go. Also, losing weight will take a lot of stress off your bladder, fixing this problem. The best way to remedy your incontinence is to work on your Kegels. This muscle group is the one responsible for holding urine in. If you do exercises to strengthen them, you’ll likely never have to worry about being incontinent ever again.

Avoiding Water Is a Bad Idea

When people hear about how changing their diet can reduce incontinence symptoms, many assume this means cutting their water intake. As we all know, there are many reasons why water is important, so reducing water intake isn’t the best idea.

In fact, avoiding water can actually make your incontinence worse. The amount of liquid in your body doesn’t have as big of an effect as you might think on how often you use the restroom. Instead, it affects the concentration of your urine. The more concentrated it is, the more likely you’ll develop a UTI or some other infection, worsening your incontinence symptoms.

It’s Possible To Train Your Bladder

Suppose few of these lifestyle changes have worked; one thing most people don’t know they can do when they have incontinence is they can train their bladder. Even though it’ll be more difficult to stop yourself from going, it is possible by using breathing techniques and meditation. The longer you hold off, the better your bladder will become at waiting longer.

Be careful when doing this. If you actually have a full bladder, holding it can hurt you more than help. You need to recognize when the need to go is based on having a full bladder instead of regular incontinence.

Skin Care Is a Crucial Part of Treatment

When using certain products to help with your incontinence, you might not realize that skin care will need to become a part of your routine. Incontinence-based skin care products are very important for a multitude of reasons, but ensuring healthy skin is essential for managing this condition.