60lbs Lost during College, Grad School and a Pandemic : loseit

60lbs Lost during College, Grad School and a Pandemic : loseit
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Finally lost 60lbs! A year ago, I was celebrating losing 23lbs in time for my college graduation. It definitely gets harder to lose weight once you’re in a healthy weight range so I’m really proud of this milestone. Still doing the same 2 things I did when I was heavier – eating at a caloric deficit and working out. I’ve just added 16:8 intermittent fasting to help keep my calories down. Last time I was 115lbs, I was a sophomore in high school😁

I learned to stop making excuses. I was in the middle of my college senior year when I started this journey. I had always used school as an excuse but then I decided to cook my own meals instead of going to the dining hall and take advantage of the college gym. Once I was meal prepping and working out, I started to feel my clothes get looser and lost 23lbs in time for my college graduation.

I took a maintenance break over summer since I was at my parents’ place and wasn’t in charge of buying groceries. I think I also wanted a mental break from losing weight for a little bit but I still counted calories because I wasn’t planning on gaining weight either. Managed to lose 4lbs thanks to an active restaurant job though.

Started school as a grad student with a part-time graduate assistantship in the fall so I knew I wouldn’t have time to work out. However, I was done making excuses. I went low-carb to help limit my calories to 1200 a day and was able to lose 19lbs by the end of the semester.

Left the grad program since it wasn’t a good fit and went back to my parents’ place where I wasn’t in charge of buying groceries. It was an adjustment to not fully be in control of my food but I’ve counted calories, used 16:8 IF and walked or run outside to keep losing weight.

If you want to make a lifestyle change, know that it will never be the “right time” because there will always be something going on in life. I’ve been able to lose these 60lbs through college, grad school and a pandemic by holding myself accountable and counting calories.


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