5 Ways To Increase the Amount of Pull-Ups You Do

5 Ways To Increase the Amount of Pull-Ups You Do

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5 Ways To Increase the Amount of Pull-Ups You Do

We all benefit from doing exercises that involve strenuous movements to get our hearts pumping and our muscles stronger. Through pull-ups, many of us will gain the strength and endurance to help our bodies persevere through challenging obstacles. However, pull-ups are difficult to perform in longer sets, but specific methods will help you increase your number of pull-ups.

Get in the Right Mindset and Stay There

It can be daunting when we are about to perform a stressful action that we know will push us to our limits. We are motivated to try, but the receptors in our brain tell us not to do something because it may cause stress on the body, so we hesitate and remain in that feeling. Before performing a single pull-up, you need to get in the right mindset to become stronger so that you perform at your best and eliminate nervousness.

It’s normal to feel some nerves that come with adrenaline, but don’t let the feeling impair your mind. When you have the right motivation, you will have room for improvement from where you are now. An open, healthy mindset will enable you to do more pull-ups and improve your fitness.

Practice Your Grip Before Pulling Up

One of the essential parts of doing a pull-up is your grip on the bar. A strong grip is necessary for better handling while performing a pull-up and increasing the amount you can do. It also allows you to control your movements and keeps you stable as you put pressure on the bar.

Using hand grips of various weights can strengthen your hands. Practicing dead hanging on the pull-up bar will help your hands grow used to the feeling of supporting your body.

Use Small Goals To Improve

Your smaller goals will eventually lead to great achievements. You don’t have to make a large improvement in the number of pull-ups you do. You could start with a slight increase, such as one extra pull-up every two weeks. Minor improvements will significantly increase over time, so take your time in your training.

Try Other Exercises To Strenghten Muscles

Using other exercises to improve your progress is an effective method of training. Numerous upper-body exercises like chin-ups, bicep curls, and push-ups will strengthen the muscles needed to perform pull-ups. Your body will grow used to the strain from these exercises, and pull-ups will become easier with room for improvement.

Have a Partner for Assisted Pull-Ups

It helps to have support during your workouts, and by doing assisted pull-ups, you’ll be able to perform better. Assisted pull-ups involve using a chair, resistance band, or sturdy surface to push off and perform the pull-up. This workout is an excellent way to train for more pull-ups without straining yourself.

Pull-ups are challenging and require strength and endurance. If you wish to improve your efforts in this exercise, try using the tips above to increase the amount you can do.