Stay Active in the Sun: Outdoor Workouts for Summer

Outdoor Workouts for Summer

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When the weather is warm and sunny, it’s the perfect time to take your workouts outdoors. From beach workouts to hiking, there are plenty of options to stay active in the sun. Outdoor activities such as trail running, outdoor yoga, and cycling in nature can help you enjoy nature while breaking a sweat. For those looking for a more intense workout, outdoor circuit training, boot camps, and HIIT workouts are great options. If you prefer water activities, swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding provide a refreshing way to get fit. Additionally, outdoor sports, such as beach volleyball or soccer, and activities like running on the beach, stair workouts, bodyweight exercises, functional training, and stretching routines can all be done outdoors to maintain your fitness level during the summer months.

Key Takeaways:

  • Outdoor workouts offer a refreshing change of scenery and allow you to enjoy nature while staying active.
  • Options for outdoor workouts include beach workouts, hiking, trail running, outdoor yoga, cycling in nature, and more.
  • For a more intense workout, consider outdoor circuit training, boot camps, and HIIT workouts.
  • Water activities like swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding are great for staying fit and enjoying the summer weather.
  • Outdoor sports, stair workouts, bodyweight exercises, functional training, and stretching routines can all be done outdoors.

Outdoor Full-Body HIIT Workouts

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a popular workout style that combines strength training and cardiovascular exercises to elevate your heart rate quickly. It is especially well-suited for outdoor workouts as it requires little to no equipment. A proper warm-up, including light cardio and dynamic mobility exercises, is essential before starting a HIIT workout.

Here are a few examples of HIIT workouts that can be done outdoors with minimal equipment or none at all. Adjust the number of reps and time based on your fitness level. Remember to cool down with light stretching or walking to bring your heart rate back to normal.

Example Outdoor HIIT Workout 1:

Exercise Reps Time

Jump Squats 12 30 seconds
Push-ups 10 30 seconds
Mountain Climbers 16 30 seconds
Burpees 8 30 seconds

Example Outdoor HIIT Workout 2:

Exercise Reps Time

Jumping Lunges 10 (per leg) 40 seconds
Plank Jacks 12 40 seconds
High Knees 20 40 seconds
Side Plank Dips 8 (per side) 40 seconds

Feel free to modify and customize these workouts based on your preferences and fitness level. With outdoor HIIT workouts, you can enjoy the fresh air while targeting your full body with both strength and cardio exercises. No equipment is needed, making it a convenient and accessible option for anyone. So get outside and get your heart pumping with these invigorating HIIT workouts!

Outdoor Park Bench Workout

Outdoor Park Bench Workout

If you have access to a stable park bench, you can maximize your outdoor workout routine with a challenging full-body workout. Using a bench as your equipment, you can target various muscle groups and elevate your heart rate.

Start your workout with a dynamic warmup to prepare your body for the exercises ahead. Begin with light jogging to get your blood flowing and warm up your muscles. Follow this with jumping jacks, arm circles, and leg swings to further activate your upper and lower body.

Once you’re properly warmed up, it’s time to move on to the workout itself. There are several exercises you can perform using the bench:

  • Use a stable bench for incline pushups, which target your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Place your hands on the edge of the bench, shoulder-width apart, and lower your body until your chest nearly touches the bench.
  • Stepups are a great way to work your lower body and get your heart rate up. Step onto the bench with one foot, and then bring your other foot up to meet it. Alternate legs for a set number of reps.
  • V-crunches are an effective exercise for targeting your abdominal muscles. Sit on the edge of the bench with your legs extended. Lean back slightly, engage your core, and lift your legs and upper body simultaneously to form a V-shape. Return to the starting position and repeat.
  • Triceps dips can be done by placing your hands on the edge of the bench behind you, fingers facing forward. Lower your body until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle, and then push back up to the starting position.
  • Bulgarian split squats are a challenging lower body exercise that targets your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Stand in front of the bench and place one foot behind you on the bench. Lower your body into a lunge position, keeping your front knee aligned with your ankle. Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side.
  • Incline mountain climbers are a great way to engage your core and increase your heart rate. Assume a pushup position with your hands on the bench and body in a straight line. Alternate bringing your knees towards your chest, as if you are climbing a mountain.
  • To add an explosive element to your workout, incorporate box jumps. Stand facing the bench and jump onto it, landing softly with both feet on the bench. Step down, and repeat for the desired number of reps.

Adjust the number of reps and sets for each exercise based on your fitness level and goals. Remember, proper form is key to avoiding injuries and getting the most out of your workout.

After completing your workout, it’s important to cool down and stretch your muscles. This can be done through light stretching exercises or a brisk walk. Cooling down gradually brings your heart rate and body temperature back to normal.

Exercise is always more enjoyable when you can take it outdoors. So grab a stable bench and try out this challenging outdoor park bench workout for a full-body burn!

Outdoor Cardio Burn

If you’re looking to improve your cardiovascular fitness and enjoy a high-intensity workout in the great outdoors, an outdoor cardio burn session is the perfect choice. This type of workout elevates your heart rate, burns calories, and increases your endurance. Follow this workout routine for an effective cardio session:

Dynamic Warmup

Before starting your cardio burn, it’s important to warm up your muscles and prepare your body for the workout ahead. Begin with a dynamic warmup that includes light jogging, jumping jacks, arm circles, and leg swings. This will increase blood flow to your muscles, enhance flexibility, and reduce the risk of injury.

Jump Rope at Different Paces

A jump rope is a versatile and portable equipment that can give you a challenging cardio workout. Start by jumping at a light pace for 30 seconds, then increase the intensity to a moderate pace for another 30 seconds. Finally, go all out with a fast-paced skipping session for 1 minute. Repeat this cycle for a total of 10 minutes. Jumping rope engages your whole body, improves coordination, and burns a significant amount of calories.

Fast-Paced Skipping

Finish off your cardio burn with a fast-paced skipping session. Push yourself to perform as many skips as you can without stopping for 2 minutes. Skipping at a high intensity will further increase your heart rate and maximize calorie burn. It’s a fun and challenging way to complete your cardio burn workout.

Finally, remember to cool down with light stretching or a leisurely walk. This will help gradually lower your heart rate and prevent muscle soreness.

Take your cardio workout outdoors and embrace the natural beauty around you while achieving your fitness goals. Whether it’s in a park, on a trail, or by the beach, outdoor cardio burn sessions provide an invigorating and effective way to stay fit and enjoy your workout.

Other Cardio Ideas

Increase heart rate

In addition to traditional cardio exercises like running and cycling, there are plenty of other exciting options for outdoor cardio workouts. These activities will not only increase your heart rate but also provide a fun and challenging workout. Mix and match different exercises to keep your workouts interesting and effective.

1. 100-Meter Sprints

If you’re looking for a quick burst of high-intensity exercise, try incorporating 100-meter sprints into your routine. Find a track or an open space, and challenge yourself to sprint as fast as you can for 100 meters. This explosive exercise is great for building speed, power, and cardiovascular endurance.

2. Agility Drills

Agility drills are an excellent way to improve your quickness, coordination, and overall athleticism. Set up cones or markers in different patterns, and perform exercises like shuttle runs, ladder drills, and lateral movements. These drills will not only get your heart pumping but also enhance your agility and overall sports performance.

3. Soccer Field Sprints

If you have access to a soccer field, take advantage of the wide open space for some challenging sprints. Mark different distances on the field, such as 50 meters, 100 meters, or even 200 meters, and sprint between the markers. This workout will simulate the intensity and endurance required in a soccer match while giving you a great cardiovascular workout.

4. Stairs

Find a set of stairs in your local park, stadium, or even a nearby building, and use them to get your heart rate up. Running or bounding up the stairs is an effective way to work your lower body muscles while increasing your cardiovascular fitness. Take it up a notch by adding in exercises like stair jumps or alternating step-ups.

5. Hill Running

Hill running is a challenging and effective way to target your leg muscles while getting an intense cardiovascular workout. Find a hill with a steady incline, and sprint or jog uphill, focusing on using your legs to power yourself up. The uphill climb will not only increase your heart rate but also strengthen your muscles and improve your overall endurance.

6. Laps Around the Park

Take advantage of your local park’s jogging path or a scenic trail by running laps around it. This simple yet effective cardio exercise allows you to enjoy nature while keeping your heart rate elevated. Challenge yourself to increase your speed or the number of laps you complete as your fitness level improves.

Remember to warm up properly before engaging in any intense cardio activities to prevent injuries and cool down with light stretching or walking to bring your heart rate back to normal afterward. Mix and match these cardio ideas to create a diverse and engaging outdoor workout routine that will keep you motivated and help you achieve your fitness goals.

8 Other Outdoor Activities for Weekend Workouts

If you’re looking for a change of scenery, there are plenty of other outdoor activities you can incorporate into your workout routine. Whether you’re a fan of adrenaline-pumping adventures or prefer more relaxed and leisurely activities, there is something for everyone. Switching up your workout routine not only keeps things interesting but also challenges your body in different ways. Here are eight outdoor activities to consider:

  1. Hiking: Explore nature while getting a cardio workout and strengthening your lower body.
  2. Skiing and snowboarding: Enjoy the slopes while improving cardiovascular health and balance with this fun and challenging full-body workout.
  3. Stand-up paddleboarding: Build core and upper body strength while gliding across the water on a paddleboard.
  4. Swimming: Dive into a refreshing full-body workout that can be done in pools or open water.
  5. Recreational sports: Engage in activities such as tennis, soccer, or basketball for a great workout and a fun way to socialize.
  6. Inline skating or roller-skating: Target your lower body with this low-impact cardio exercise that can be done on smooth surfaces.
  7. Bike riding: Hop on a bicycle and pedal your way to a low-impact workout that targets multiple muscle groups.
  8. Kayaking: Take to the water and paddle your way to a fantastic summer workout that works your upper body, core, and cardiovascular system.

These outdoor activities offer a variety of options that cater to different interests and fitness levels. Whether you prefer the tranquility of hiking, the thrill of skiing, or the challenge of stand-up paddleboarding, each activity provides a unique way to get moving and make the most of your weekends. So, step out of your comfort zone and try something new to keep your workouts fresh and exciting.

Park Yoga for a Zen Workout

Park yoga

For a more relaxing outdoor workout, park yoga can be a great option. Yoga is a versatile exercise that can be as challenging or as gentle as you want it to be. Taking your yoga practice outside can enhance the experience with the fresh air and nature. Find a peaceful spot in the park and roll out your mat. Be sure to check your city’s guidelines for outdoor fitness in parks. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Enjoy the tranquility of practicing yoga in nature while strengthening your entire body and improving flexibility.

Benefits of Park Yoga Guidelines
Enhances relaxation and mindfulness Find a quiet and peaceful spot in the park
Improves core strength and stability Follow your city’s guidelines for outdoor fitness
Increases flexibility and balance Wear sunscreen to protect your skin
Promotes full-body strength and toning Take breaks and drink plenty of water
Reduces stress and anxiety Listen to your body and modify poses as needed


Outdoor workouts offer a fantastic way to stay active and make the most of the summer months. Not only do they provide a refreshing change of scenery, but they also allow you to fully immerse yourself in the natural beauty surrounding you. With a wide range of exercises and activities available, outdoor workouts offer something for everyone, regardless of fitness level or preference.

Incorporating outdoor workouts into your routine can help add variety and excitement to your training. Whether you enjoy high intensity workouts, yoga sessions in the park, or taking part in recreational activities, the outdoors provide a playground for fun and effective workouts. Plus, with the warm weather and longer daylight hours, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore new ways to challenge yourself and reach your fitness goals.

So, make the most of this summer by taking your workouts outside. Enjoy the freedom of being in nature while staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With outdoor workouts, you can embrace the beauty of the season, add variety to your routine, and achieve your fitness goals in a way that is both enjoyable and effective. So get out there, have some fun, and let the great outdoors be your fitness playground!


What are some outdoor workouts for summer?

Some outdoor workouts for summer include beach workouts, hiking, park workouts, trail running, outdoor circuit training, outdoor yoga, and cross-training activities.

What equipment do I need for outdoor workouts?

The equipment needed for outdoor workouts depends on the specific activity. For example, beach workouts may require a towel or mat, while hiking may require appropriate footwear and a backpack.

Can outdoor workouts be adjusted based on fitness level?

Yes, outdoor workouts can be adjusted based on your fitness level. You can modify the intensity, duration, or number of repetitions to suit your needs and abilities.

Is outdoor exercise more effective than indoor exercise?

Both outdoor and indoor exercise can be effective, and the choice depends on personal preference and goals. Outdoor exercise offers the added benefits of fresh air, vitamin D from the sun, and a change of scenery.

Are outdoor workouts suitable for beginners?

Outdoor workouts can be suitable for beginners, especially if they start with activities that align with their fitness level. It’s important to start gradually and listen to your body to prevent injury.

Can outdoor workouts help with weight loss?

Yes, outdoor workouts can be effective for weight loss. They often combine cardiovascular exercise and strength training, which can help increase calorie burn and build lean muscle mass.

How can I stay safe during outdoor workouts?

To stay safe during outdoor workouts, it’s important to stay hydrated, wear appropriate clothing and sunscreen, warm up properly, and listen to your body. Always exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings.

Can I do outdoor workouts during any weather?

Outdoor workouts can be done in various weather conditions, but it’s important to prioritize safety. Avoid exercising in extreme heat, cold, or during severe weather events. Adjust your workout schedule or find indoor alternatives when needed.

Can I do outdoor workouts alone or should I join a group?

Outdoor workouts can be done alone or with a group, depending on your preference. Some people enjoy the solitude and self-paced nature of solo workouts, while others find motivation and accountability in group settings.

Are outdoor workouts suitable for all ages?

Outdoor workouts can be suitable for all ages, but it’s important to consider individual capabilities and health conditions. If you have any concerns, consult with a healthcare professional before starting a new exercise program.

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