Losing hope (crosspost from xxfitness)


My “problem area” has always been my hips and what I call upper butt (gluteus medius). I’ve worked hard at it for years knowing you can’t spot tone. In the past year, I did keto and IF for overall fat loss, hoping this area would be apart of that. I lift weights and do cardio, and lots of glute exercises six days a week.

I lost maybe 5-10 pounds? My arms and core are a little stronger but nothing else. I know there’s no spot toning but I’m at a loss. I’m 5’9” and 135 pounds but still struggle with most clothes – all of my fat is in this one section here

I’m honestly fed up. I’m sorry to be a downer in such a positive group. I’m also sorry for the horrible photo quality. I just feel like I put in so much work.

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