Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless Earbuds Review

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This Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless Earbuds Review aims to analyze all the major features and functionalities comprehensively.

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Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless Earbuds Review

This Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless Earbuds Review aims to comprehensively analyze all the significant features and functionalities. Each earbud measures 1.06 by 1.18 by 0.9 inches and weighs 0.23 ounces in size and weight. The Elite Sport ship with three different sizes of silicone ear wings. They include a whole suite of heartbeat and accelerometer sensors that can assist you in schlepping your approach toward a healthier physique.

Product: Jabra Elite Sport

Rating: 8.5/10

Where to buy: Amazon

Jabra Elite Sport is Jabra’s attempt to produce truly wireless earbuds. These headphones are geared entirely toward athletes. They introduce a built-in heart-rate monitor and running tracking sensors.

Let’s break it down.

Jabra Elite Sport Earbuds – Waterproof Fitness & Running Earbuds with Heart Rate and Activity Tracker, True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Superior Sound, Advanced Connectivity and Charging Case


User reviews

Impressed with this. I just got these yesterday so this is a 1st impression / under 20hrs use. I have a Pixel XL phone to pair this to.First the box is well packaged. Unboxing is like most that posted so I'll spare the pics. I was tossed up between this or the non sport. I also read many reviews of other similar ear buds. For me I was looking for Phone to caller clarity and controls and music quality.I know the price is a bit high. But after unboxing them I can see why. Quality is expected for this price (I would be happier if it was under $150).The case is pretty solid. The ear buds are larger than the air pods. I have used many in-ear bluetooth devices and I was a big fan of LG 800 series for being around the neck and the mic. I used it like a boom mic.Anyway the Jabra sport elite feels solid. I agree with most reviews, I had to try combinations of the included ear buds and loops. There are 3 pairs of foam type and 3 non foam type. My ear canal is slightly larger than the otger.It didn't take long to get used to it.Pairing is fast fast fast and easy.Download the app, it is a great addon and needed as well.The Sports came with firmware. 5.1.0...the app quickly pre downloaded the 5.3.0 firmware. While this was happening I did notice some static and disconnects from the left ear bud. I hoped the firmware fixed it. Low and behold it did!!!So here's some things I noticed: the software is informative from battery charge to locate a lost ear bud.The hear through feature is pretty wild. Each ear bud has 2 mics so the hear through allows external sounds to pass through...it's not a hearing aid, but the experience I imagine is the same. The sounds ambient or not was audible, a bit tinny but not bad. When this is enabled you CANT hear music if you are streaming. At first I thought this was a mistake, but thought about it, if I wanted to hear someone, why have music playing. So I don't mind this feature. The downside to this feature, the left ear bud would cut in and out every so often. A bit annoying but at that point, I'd pull one or both out anyway to have full hearing of what I was listening to or someone talking.Ok music is way nice on these. Adjust the eq from the app and / or the music app you use. Both will apply so you have the right adjustments to your taste. The bass can be really bassy and the highs are high. I like some treble, low mid and some bass. I listened everything from rock to hip hop to accapella and all music sounded great. I was using Spotify.A feature i like on the Jabra is the music and volume controls on the earbuds. I like that control. Other cheaper ear buds don't have this!On to the phone calls. Callers didn't notice any loss of my voice during a call! The mics rest at the bottom of your ear canal so I think one of the mics pick up my voice from that and the other helps with noise cancelling . The callers could even hear when I whisper! I was happy and pleased. Although when I coughed, it was very loud to the caller. Of course wind noise will be hear at strong breezes of 15mph or more. So be aware. Not a big deal for me as I try to talk in a quiet area anyway.Battery life - I have had it 1 day and charged the case once and it's still full. During my work day, I listen to music on and off for about 6 hrs. So when not in use I placed it in the case. So even at 1.5hrs of straight use the buds were still close to 100%. The case showed green LEDs indicating 90%-100% charged. I verified it in the app and my phone as well, so I feel that the battery indication was correct. Still need a few days to a week of use to report back more of a review. But so far yes battery life is as advertised.There is a slight lag of audio to watching a video. Not a deal breaker as I listen to music 99% of the time.So I will change to 5 stars or lower in a few weeks and do an update to this review.I would recommend this Jabra elite as it provides what is advertised and it does meet my needs and expectations (so far). Yes price is a bit high, but after using cheaper products in the past, this is well worth the use. I work in an office setting and people come can go from desk and using these during those times is fine. I pop the buds out easy as that. I also workout and these do stay on place. It does move slightly, but never popped out.I suggest reading the the PDF of the manual as the book is too tiny for me.More later and hope this helps!
Dead after 2 years. 3rd UPDATE:Sadly I have to drop this to one star. The right earbud is done - no sound is coming out at all. I’ve done every possible fix recommended and it simply doesn’t work. Oddly, the Control buttons do but the speaker is gone.So these lasted exactly 2 years to the day.Beyond the fact they broke you would be an absolute sucker to pay $200 for almost 3 year old technology. Try the 65t active - despite my issues with this I did like Jabra overall and will still with them for one more set. Likely the 75t Active that was just announced.EDIT TO ORIGINAL REVIEW: I've had these now for about 3 months and the trouble is coming in. For some reason, the left earbud goes into a fit and drops the signal, in and out, at times. This has happened twice and there doesn't seem to be any reason for it. I disconnected and reconnected, the phone is about two feet away at most - nothing. Then, it magically resolves itself a day or two later. For the price point that's pretty ridiculous.The second issue with the left earbud - at times, and this is often. The sound does not match the right earbud - it's much, much quieter. Again, not reason I can tell this happens. Absolutely disappointed.My first pair of wireless earbuds and I'm impressed. Though the fit seemed to be an issue for many, they work fine for me. Forms a great seal to keep the outside noise out and are reasonably comfortable. Connectivity is simple and fast, I've never dropped a signal unless I walked further than the specified distance.Waterproof - yes, this is great. I've used them in the rain and the shower (I saw somebody else tried this so I had to.)The design is sleek and durable. Though I hate opening the case because the buds feel like they are going to fall out if you open it too fast.Sound - The sound is good, not great - which is what I expected. BT audio still isn't 'there'. It's not going to blow an audiophile away and I have had to switch the EQ quite a few times to find the right fit for certain genres but overall, it's decent and on par with a $100 pair of wired headphones. The biggest issue? They don't get all that loud! Sometimes when I'm vibing on something at want to jam it up I'll look at the screen and see I'm one click away from Max volume. Hugely disappointing there but, then again, I should take better care of my poor ears after years of unobstructed concerts.Am I happy with the purchase? Yes. Though, I did buy them at the under $200 - at the time of this writing they have jumped to $250 - if you are on the fence but no in a hurry, wait until the price drops again. $250 seems a smidge too high.
Pro:- crisp sound quality- decent range of reception- small and convenient- comforting feel in the ear- modernized design to the carrying case- decently priced (lightning deal)Con:- because of the small size, easy to misplaceOverall:The size of the earbuds are fine, sound is clear and crisp. Although if you lose one ear, then you have to buy an entirely new pair. But there have been no issues with connecting to the Bluetooth.4.7/5.0
De lo mejor en audífonos para realizar ejercicios con ellos
I was looking for a pair of bluetooth headphones that I could wear while running or at the gym. Did a ton of research, and finally ended up choosing the Jabra Elite Sport. Overall, I'm quite happy with the purchase. More details below:Pros:1) Great sound. I know they are not noise canceling, but the sound is full enough and powerful enough where it almost seems like they are. I have a couple of noise canceling Bose headphones, a Grado, and a Sennheiser, so I know what "good" headphones sound like, and these are quite ok compared to those. And, most importantly, they are loud enough to block out the annoying music they play in the gym, which is a big plus for me.2) They look good. They don't stick out of your ear or look like hearing aids like a lot of headphones. The Bose Sound Sport Headphones just look stupid, in my opinion. I tried them on and they stick out of your ear so much you look like you have Shrek-like ears. These meld in, don't stick out beyond the ear, and look unobtrusive. And they are fit snug enough where they will never ever fall out.3) Features: Can answer calls, change tracks, increase or decrease volume from the headphones itself. Quick and simple set up.Cons:1) Fit can be tricky. They come with a number of ear ear fins and plugs that allow you to customize the fit, so I would encourage all users to try a bunch of combinations before settling on the right one. But regardless, I can only wear these for about 90 minutes (and I had to build up to that) before they start hurting. But that's ok -- these are not meant to be the headphones you wear at home while watching a movie or on a plane for several hours. They are meant for working out, and for that period of time, they work well.2) If you take the right headphone out, the left one stops working as well. I don't know why that had to be the case. They couldn't design it so both headphones work independently of the other?3) Price. I think they are worth it, but if they reduce price by 2-3k below the Amazon discounted price, I think they would fly off the shelves.Also -- Set up is quick and simple. Battery life is long enough. They come with an app for your phone that can measure V02 max and all that, but I've never used it. That doesn't mean it's no good, but I just didn't feel the need to.Overall, I'm quite happy with the purchase. They are great for the use case, which is for wear while working out. Do not buy them as the headphones you want to wear while watching a movie, or on a long flight, or that 3 hour phone call. They aren't meant for that. If you use them for what they are meant for, they are great.
Super disappointed.Really uncomfortable to wear to the extent that I can’t really wear them at all.Sound quality really poor probably because the fit is so bad.
I tried a bunch of wireless ear bud and these are the only one I found that stays secured when I’m at the gym. The sound quality is not good especially for the price but I use them for podcasts so it’s not a bid deal.I gave 1 star because of the over packaging. It is a box in a box in a box and those boxes are way to big for no reason. Company should start making more sustainable packaging. Nobody cares about packaging as long as it protect the product during shipping and the product is good.

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The buds are fairly large. However, they can fit properly in your ears. Each earbud measures 1.06 by 1.18 by 0.9 inches and weighs 0.23 ounces in size and weight.

Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless Earbuds Review07

The Elite Sport includes three different sizes of silicone ear wings. This helps to maintain them in place. You additionally get a trio of silicon and foam ear items in small, medium, and large sizes to assist you in creating a superb seal.

The main earbud houses the HRM and multi-function controls to reply to or reject calls/play or pause music. Also, a shortcut to the Jabra Sport Life app may be pressed throughout a workout for status updates. The secondary earbud houses control for adjusting the volume and skipping tracks.

The Jabra Elite Sport are good headphones for running and working out. They have a decently sturdy, rugged design with easy-to-use controls but a mediocre layout. They also sound moderately well-balanced, although a bit bright and slightly lacking in detail. However, one review shows they are now just average, with average sound quality, ease of use, and below-average battery life. The heart-rate sensor is still excellent, but it’s no longer the must-have feature it once was.

An excellent set of AirPod rivals in many ways and is massively powerful in the amount of exercising you can do. A touch too expensive, perhaps (a lower price and they’d be a must-have), and the heart rate monitoring could be more accurate, but the sheer volume of training options is brilliant.


Although the earbuds’ stout dimensions make them much less doubtless to slot in all kinds of ears, Jabra goes to affordable lengths to make them extra wearable. The Elite Sports ship with three completely different silicone ear wings to maintain them in place. You also get a trio of silicon and foam ear items in small, medium, and enormous sizes to assist in creating a great seal.

Nonetheless, despite discovering an appropriate mixture of ear fins and ear items, I discovered that the earbuds became uncomfortable after an hour of getting them jammed into my head. This may very well be a deal-breaker for somebody who listens to hours of music daily.

These truly wireless headphones weren’t constructed for that. As their title implies, the Elite Sport has been designed with athletes in thought. For anybody who desires a pair of wireless headphones to take to the fitness center, an hour’s price of comfy put-on may very well be more than satisfactory, particularly in gentle of all of the health-minded perks baked into these earbuds. Along with the drivers, battery, radio, and management packed into the Elite Sport, they include a whole suite of heartbeat and accelerometer sensors that can assist you in schlepping your approach toward a healthier physique.

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These athlete-focused options work fairly nicely. The heartbeat sensor might detect my heartbeat quite accurately. Not that accurate, though, if you compare it with an Apple Watch. That mentioned this is probably because the earbuds fit nicely in the ears. For accurate measurements, the sensors require good pores and skin contact.

The accelerometer is another great feature. It monitors the steps in case of jogging or walking. Most of the time is quite accurate. The smartphone application can even detect the number of reps of your exercise. Moreover, the app can even detect your run, monitor the progress of your health, and push you to outdo your previous exercise.

Another impressive feature of these earbuds is that they are IP67 rated. Great for many who like working out in the rain. They can tolerate 15 cm to at least one meter of water for as much as 30 minutes. Jabra is so sure of Elite Sport’s resilience. This is why they provide a three-year guarantee for any damage caused by sweat.

Jabra advertises that these earbuds can operate for 4.5 hours on a single charge. According to the manufacturer, they have a standby battery life of 13 to 14 hours. Throughout my testing, these numbers turned out to be pretty correct. In addition, the fact that the carrying case is also a charging dock is very convenient.

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Sound Quality

Situational awareness is necessary for security in a busy fitness center or an outdoor run. Similar to bone-conduction headphones like Aftershokz Trekz Air. The Elite Sport permits you to use its built-in microphones to convey outdoor audio into your ears to ensure you can hear your environment.

Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless Earbuds Review

Although the feature is optional, activating it reduces the sense of orientation. Probably a misconception about how close is the source of the noise. In addition, it reduces the music quality that you are listening to. However, these buds provide superior sound and offer situational awareness in a waterproof package. On the other hand, these buds offer noise-cancellation functionality.

Nevertheless, you’ll discover that these earbuds offer great thumping bass. A must-have for any pair of athletic headphones. They deliver a deep, powerful, consistent bass and a well-balanced mid-range. An excellent choice for those who prefer a heavy bass sound. However, sometimes, the overpowering bass can make the vocals sound thicker. Also, the treble lacks a bit of detail and, depending on the material, could sound a bit sharper.

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If you consider that all of Elite’s controls are located on the earbuds themselves, they are effortless to operate. In the left earbud, you can control the audio volume, skip (+) or volume down, and the previous track. (-). The right earbud’s upper button is used to start the Jabra Sports application, pause/start exercise, and answer the phone. The lower button is a multi-functional button that controls pause/start music, call answering, rejecting or ending, activating Siri/Google Now or Cortana, and deactivating or activating the HearThrough.

jabra volume up and down

It takes a bit to become familiar with the controls. You need to be aware of the functions each button has and how to use them in a manner that doesn’t result in them becoming loose. As I mentioned, the Elite Sports were easy to utilize with some practice, even in motion.

FAQs about Jabra elite sport true wireless earbuds


  • Accurate heart rate and step monitoring
  • Accelerometer permits headphones to track exercise repetitions
  • Great heavy bass sound
  • Sweat and splash-proof
  • Acceptable battery life
  • Smartphone app is easy-to-understand but also offers more advanced data


  • Uncomfortable to put on for lengthy durations of time
  • Massive measurement makes for a doubtlessly tough match
  • Audio transparency gives a distorted sense of situational consciousness.
  • Bass-heavy audio drowns the enjoyment of music when outdoors in the fitness center
  • Heart-rate sensor requires a good fit to perform great


The Jabra Elite Sport is a great option for truly wireless earbuds for fitness enthusiasts. They are an excellent exercise companion for every athlete. They offer many features to track your fitness and deliver great sound: great bass-heavy audio and audio transparency for situational awareness.

Jabra’s Elite Sport is a superb exercise companion.