Huami Amazfit Cor 2 Review

Huami Amazfit Cor 2 Review

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This Huami Amazfit Cor 2 Review is an initial evaluation of all the features, pros, and cons of Amazfit’s latest smart band.

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As you know, the Attention to Wearable devices amplifies with each month or even week. Therefore, many producers actively create new physical fitness bracelets, smart bands, smartwatches, and other wearable gadgets. Xiaomi, in collaboration with Huami, often releases new apparatus. Their latest product is a smart band named Huami Amazfit Cor 2.

new amazfit cor 2

Xiaomi’s spouse Huami recently Started the Amazfit Cor 2 fitness tracker in China. The smart wearable includes some upgraded features that distinguish it in the first-gen Amazfit Cor.

Huami Amazfit Cor 2 is the second smart band fitness generation. This is another wise group with low prices and very intriguing attributes from the Chinese manufacturer.


  • Display: IPS, color, touch, scratch-resistant 2.5D ;
  • Resolution: 160×80 pixels;
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2;
  • OS: Android 4.4 and over, iOS 9.0 and above;
  • Battery: 160mAh;
  • NFC: yes;
  • Functions: calorie burned, sleep, steps, music control in the smartphone
  • Sensors: accelerometer, built in heartbeat monitor;
  • Other purposes: timer, stopwatch, alarm clock;
  • Notifications: messages in the smartphone, incoming calls;
  • Dimensions: 19 x 10 mm;
  • Weight: 32 gram;

Huami Amazfit Cor 2: Design

Huami Amazfit Cor 2: Design

Amazfit Cor 2 design is very similar to the first edition. The computing module is the same. It is constructed from polycarbonate and a replaceable silicone strap. The design of the bracelet perfectly combines metal and glass, which makes it ideal for both classic office clothes and sports uniforms.

The Strap is detachable, very soft, and comfortable. It has several holes that make it effortless to decide on the size to fit your wrist. The strap width is 20 mm.

Amazfit Cor 2 has a 1.23-inch IPS screen with 2.5D and protection against harm. By the way, 2.5D does not enable the bracelet to cling to clothing.

It is equipped with a color touch screen and has a resolution of160×80 pixels. It’s excellent viewing angles and higher brightness. The display looks good both outside and indoors.

The Amazfit Cor 2 sports a 1.23-inch LCD color display like its predecessor and has a polycarbonate body. The display is wrapped using a 2.5D for additional protection and to prevent the display from scratch. The wearable device is 5ATM water-resistance. A number of the wise features onboard comprise NFC for contactless payment. Others have been an accelerometer and optical heart rate sensor for tracking fitness. Amazfit Cor 2 will also alert wearers whenever there’s an SMS/email message or incoming call. It also offers seven days of weather forecasts, alarms, stopwatches, and timers.

Huami Amazfit Cor 2: Performance Features

There Is a little touch button to modify the functions of this fitness bracelet.

On the back, there’s a heart rate monitor and two little magnetic charger connectors. As a result of its slim down, just 32 grams, the bracelet is almost not sensed on the hand and doesn’t cause any distress.

The main stand-out feature of Amazfit Cor two is the built-in NFC. Also, a new physical fitness bracelet has received a PPG sensor, which can be used for measuring heart rate in automatic or manual mode.

The Fitness bracelet uses Bluetooth 4.2 to connect to smartphones. It’s compatible with cellular devices on Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0 and higher versions.

Battery Life

One Facet where the Cor two outpaces its predecessor is in battery life. This is the largest advancement of Amazfit Cor 2 compared to the previous version is the battery. The first version of Amazfit Cor had a battery life of 12 hours on a single charge. The Amazfit Cor 2 comes with enhanced battery life. You will have the ability to keep it operating for 20 days between charges, nearly double the 12 days of its predecessor. The battery capacity is 160mAh. Additionally, the NFC connectivity is one attribute on Cor 2 which wasn’t on the first Amazfit Cor.

heart rate monitor

Function-wise, they’re standard for modern fitness trackers. It has a step counter. It monitors heart rate, calories, distance, monitors sleep, stopwatch, alarm, etc.

There is a 3-axis accelerometer for more precise monitoring of physical activity and sleep. Additionally, you can get notifications from programs, calls, messages, and perhaps even control music on your smartphone. You can observe activities information both on the bracelet screen and in Mi-Fit program on your smartphone.

Another important feature of Huami Amazfit Cor 2 is water resistance. You’re able to go swimming or have a shower without even removing the bracelet. You can immerse the smart band under the water up to 50 meters since Amazfit Cor 2 withstands up to five atmospheres.

Huami Amazfit Cor 2 is a fascinating fitness bracelet offering similar functions to most other smart bands.

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